We connect motivated, underrepresented young entrepreneurs with experienced volunteer business advisors & mentors, resources, and opportunities. We are a fiercely mission-driven nonprofit that seeks to make as large of a positive difference on as many disadvantaged young entrepreneurs as we can. We are a nonprofit so that we can reallocate resources in our socio-economic system to fill the opportunity gaps that are often defined by the genetic lottery. This means we serve and invest in young entrepreneurs that a for-profit wouldn’t. Many of our young entrepreneurs lack the know-how of building a business, formal education, positive role models or mentors in their own community, personal savings, or a strong safety net. However, they do have their own business idea, experience overcoming significant obstacles, a desire to explore their entrepreneurial dreams, interest in collaboration & learning, and a high level of fluency with technology.

To help more of our young entrepreneurs achieve their business goals, we strive to get them the right support, from the right people, at the right time in their journey. The advisors & mentors we connect our young entrepreneurs to are the main source of the positive impact our organization makes. Thus, we equally serve the community of socially-minded, talented volunteer business men and women who work one-on-one with our young entrepreneurs. We seek to provide them with an engaging, flexible, and meaningful opportunity that empowers them to personally make a difference in the lives of our young entrepreneurs.

At skysthelimit.org, we seek to build trusting relationships between the people we connect. A trusting relationship includes respect, mutuality, competence, reliability, and integrity.

Respect means that you treat other people the way you want to be treated.

Mutuality means that you are equally invested in the relationship.

Competence means that you meet each other’s expectations for level of expertise.

Reliability means that you manage and honor your commitments.

Integrity means that you believe that the other person is of high moral character.



Our culture is how we work together as a team to serve our members and grow the impact we seek to have. We make decisions based on net impact to our mission – what will make the greatest difference, for the most people, while keeping us financially sustainable. At skysthelimit.org, part of our team culture is modeling the kinds of relationships that we seek to build between our young entrepreneurs and volunteers.

Another part of our culture of working together is using the same entrepreneurial principles we share with our community to maximize our organization’s capacity for social impact: having a growth mindset, using Lean Startup principles, being scrappy and focused, and using our team’s time to both improve the quality of the experience we deliver to our members and increase the number of people we serve.

Having a growth mindset means that we know we can always get better – and constantly seek to do so. We are curious, not afraid to experiment & fail, persistent, and continuously learning. We seek advice from experts ourselves – our team members value our own personal advisors and mentors.

Using Lean Startup principles means that we seek to learn by doing, applying the scientific methodology to our work. We use a human-centered design approach for our ideas, then we build & execute tests of those ideas, measure what did – and didn’t – work, and learn. We are flexible and Agile in our work. We move fast, and highly encourage independent decision-making by team members.

Being scrappy means that we use what we have, intelligently & frugally leveraging our resources to grow. Being focused means that we seek the take those actions that have the highest return, that most positively advance our mission. It also means that we actively avoid mission creep.

Using our time to improve the quality of our members’ experience is equally important to expanding the number of people we serve – these two pursuits are inextricably intertwined. By serving more people, we learn more about what works – and by learning more about what works, we improve the quality of what we do.

Contact us at info [at] skysthelimit.org if you are interested in joining our team of fantastic people!


Bo Ghirardelli, MPA

Co-Founder, President & CEO
Bo Ghirardelli leads SKY’S THE LIMIT’S day-to-day program, partnerships, operations, fundraising, finance, legal and other organizational management. His previous work before building the highly successful Greenside Development Foundation – Morocco organization included serving as middle school teacher in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles through Teach For America. He has a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington in Nonprofit Management. Additionally, Bo has started and run two small businesses, one of which is an agricultural cooperative that currently employs over 20 people in Morocco.

Nicolas Cary

Co-Founder and Chairman
Nicolas Cary leads the development of SKY’S THE LIMIT’S online platform and our board of directors. He is also the co-founder and President of Blockchain, a financial technology company with over 10 million users of its digital platform. As CEO of Blockchain, Nic raised the largest Series A funding round at that time in the FinTech industry. Nic was named “European Digital Leader of the Year” in 2015. The World Economic Forum recognized Blockchain as a 2016 Technology Pioneer – previous awardees include Google & AirBnB.

Robin Nasatir

Program Director
Robin leads the SKY’S THE LIMIT program activities.  She works daily with entrepreneurs, advisors and mentors on the full life cycle of the program, ranging from recruiting and training to direct mentoring and advisory support. Robin works with partner organizations and members of the entrepreneurship ecosystem to broaden our reach and deepen our impact while supporting the program’s transition from a local, “brick and mortar” organization to a national, virtual one. Robin brings 30 years of consulting experience planning and leading major initiatives, navigating critical changes, and improving operating effectiveness. She has run several businesses throughout her career, most notably Cliff Consulting, Inc., a bay area based boutique consulting firm serving philanthropic foundations, non profits, educational and health care organizations, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Caitlin Fry

Community Manager
Caitlin leads the SKY’S THE LIMIT communication and outreach strategy. She strives to bring entrepreneurs, advisors and mentors’ stories to life through a multitude of channels, as well as support their experiences on and off platform. Previously, Caitlin was based in Chicago where she did digital marketing consulting for private businesses.


We want to make it so that anyone with an idea, perseverance and a willingness to learn can get the support they need to build their business.