#OGEntrepreneurs: Look Tin Eli

Look became the first Chinese person to graduate from Mendocino High School. Then he married a Chinese-born woman and soon moved his family to San Francisco where he found success in banking and established himself as a stalwart of the Chinese American business community. 

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Katie Pruitt
#OGEntrepreneurs: Thomas Jennings

You’ve probably never heard of Thomas Jennings, but chances are, you’ve benefited from his expertise. Jennings was a dry cleaner who developed a process called dry scouring, which is still used in dry cleaning today. Dry scouring removes stains from garments without damaging the fabric. Jennings received a patent for dry scouring and became the first black man to hold a patent in the United States.

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Alex Jonathan Brown
Plz RT: Setting Up Your Social Accounts

You probably don’t need to be convinced that your business should have some sort of social media presence. You’re there, and your customers are there, too. You get that. You may not know exactly how to go about starting and building a social media following for your business, though, and that’s where we can help. Here are some points to consider when you’re getting started.

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Common People United