New program offering: Entrepreneurs-in-Residence


At, we’re always looking for ways to integrate real world experience into our program structure. Now, we have a new way to do that with the launch of our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) offering. These EIRs are impressive individuals who have launched startups of their own and are now ready to share what they’ve learned with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who are selected to work with an EIR will have access to:

  • One-on-one strategy sessions and advising

  • Special invitations to relevant workshops and trainings

  • Custom resource recommendations

  • Personal introductions to volunteer mentors and advisors

Meet our EIRs:

Christian Phillip Smutherman

Christian Phillip Smutherman

Christian Phillip Smutherman

Christian believes in harnessing the unique potential within every entrepreneur. He joins us from the Washington, D.C. metro area where he has “worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and startups to incubate and accelerate their businesses.” His goal is “to see every entrepreneur evolve into a passionate, confident, action-taker who knows what they want out of life and how to reach their destination.” With his combination of experience in ed-tech, incubators, and business foundations, Christian is ready to help young entrepreneurs take their business from the idea stage to the first sale and beyond.

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Damon Brown

Damon Brown

Damon Brown

With multiple tech startups, books, a Ted Talk, and more, Damon embodies the notion that traditional notions of entrepreneurship are limited, but need not be limiting. As he explains, “I found success as a thirty-something African-American stay-at-home dad, which, according to the mythology I was told when I lived in Silicon Valley, was an impossibility.” As is if resume were not impressive enough, Damon launched his second startup while simultaneously taking on the role primary caregiver for his infant son. Now, he’s bringing that same determination to helping other non-traditional entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

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Please join us in welcoming Christian and Damon to the team!

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