Gracias por la mención, Ovi!


Ovi Vásquez’s story is like that of a lot of entrepreneurs: familiar and yet unique to him. He was raised in a poor farming community in Central America, and his hard work and perseverance led him to Harvard Business School where he earned a degree online. He uses his story, in the form of books and speaking engagements, to educate and inspire young people.

In the video, Ovi explains that Skysthelimit is for those who, like him, “aren’t necessarily interested in a job in a traditional sense, but instead want to create jobs via entrepreneurship.” Nailed it!

Ovi also makes sure to mention his specific experience, which is emblematic of how Skysthelimit’s support works. “For example, just last week I took part in a video conference with eBay employees who are helping me develop my product… So they [skysthelimit] grant access to those kinds of tools and community,” he says.

See for yourself—en español of course.  

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