Entrepreneur Profile: Joshe Ordonez


Encargos y Envios | General Services | Brooklyn, NY


Tell us a bit about yourself: An entrepreneur and creative strategist with expertise in fashion and culture from Ecuador but based in Brooklyn, I focus on the combination of cultural heritage and contemporary art and design in order to preserve and promote techniques and practices from ethnic minority communities. My work as a creative manifests in a variety of mediums including photography, video, design projects, garments, visual arts, workshops, and symposia. My work has been published in local and international magazines, newspapers and blogs.

My co-founder, Juan Diego Palacio, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Ecuador. At the age of 18, he became the first seed capital winner of the Bank of Ideas, an initiative of the Ecuadorian Government to foster innovation. With the seed capital, he created the first wireless charging company in Latin America, Enerwi Corp. Nowadays, he develops wireless charging products for companies such as Nissan and Toyota in the Middle East while pursuing his university studies. He was also selected as the innovator of the year at the Matilde Hidalgo awards, was awarded at the International Science-Expo (ESI) in Belgium and the recognized as talent and impact leader at Milset Science-Expo in Medellin, Colombia.

What inspired your business?
As a student, I need to earn extra income to pay for my expenses. One day in the Immigrant community, I discovered a system to earn money by selling the empty space of my luggage. I made several trips to Ecuador taking with me gifts and Amazon orders from people based in Ecuador. I was paid a fee to do so. In this system, you get customers by word of mouth and I thought that will be very beneficial to all the people who have been doing this for decades to offer a digital platform that can make this job easier for travelers and for shoppers. Then I discovered the potential and opportunity for this low-cost international shipping service.

Encargos y Envios is a peer to peer international delivery service inspired by immigrants and built by two young Ecuadorians based in the US. Travelers monetize the empty space in their luggage while they deliver goods to shoppers in developing countries who want to get a product from the US.

With the technology, we are using we are able to earn income form the registration of travelers. They can choose from the following subscriptions: $0, $3,99, $8,99 and $25. Every subscription has different advertising benefits the traveler can choose from to get more shoppers. As we improved our technology we will be able to charge a commission fee in any order made by the shopper allowing us to get more income. 

Dreams/plans for the future: We are looking forward to improving the technology we are using to offer a better experience to travelers and shoppers while we increase security and trust. Our dream is to expand to other markets and open more routes and destinations in our platform. In this way we can promote tourism and help people to finance their trips. We understand that to achieve those goals we need investments and we are going after it.