Entrepreneur Profile: Kaitlyn Maycumber


KB Brows and Lashes | Beauty Bar | Upstate New York


Tell us a bit about yourself: Having my son right out of high school, I never thought I’d be able to go to college. They offer paid training to become a certified nurses assistant at a local nursing home so I went with that. Having zero room for error, I thought that was my best option. Fast forward five years later and I hated my job. Now with my children being older, I was working 12 hours shifts making good money but missing everything at home. I’ve always enjoyed makeup and eyebrows. I was so serious about my eyebrows! I decided to quit my job and I went back to school part time for esthetics! That was the longest year and a half of my life and honestly I almost quit twice! Looking back I don’t think anyone understood my why. I don’t even think I knew why I was doing it. I just knew that this is what I wanted to do! Graduation came and I started working at a local salon that was already established. I realized then that I was supporting everyone’s dream but my own, coming and going on someone else’s time. I packed up, emptied a spare room in my home and went to work! I’ve spent the last three years networking and building clientele from home and genuinely love what I do!  

What inspired your business? Walking into a nail salon with eyebrows and walking out with none! Or walking around with 2 months overgrowth because the one lady who does them really good went on vacation and your schedules aren’t lining up! I couldn’t be the only one who had these problems. I thought I’d have to go to school for cosmetology even though I had no interest in hair. They were the only people I knew who waxed! I had no clue there was someone out there called an esthetician! I was shocked that there were beauty professionals for all things skin!

Dreams/plans for the future: I want to help people. I want people to feel comfortable and love the skin they’re in. I want to provide alternatives to current beauty trends that may not work for everyone! I want to educate and show others how to do what I do! I aspire to have locations across the nation!