Entrepreneur Profile: Marissa Lucero


Maker Studio | Education | San Francisco, CA


Tell us a bit about yourself: As a woman, minority, and student with dyslexia, I empathize with my students’ struggles. I know, personally, the negative impact of low confidence resulting from demographic and academic setbacks. My personal story is the foundation for my dedication and perseverance in resolving this problem.

What inspired your business? I started to notice this common occurrence happening in my Fashion Design workshops, when I would ask my students to show me a 1/2" they struggled and automatically assumed they just weren't good at math, but loved being creative and didn't realize how much engineering was involved in the creative process. From this discovery it changed my view on things and direction in life, and I wanted to use my background in design to creatively find a solution to this problem for my students, as I knew first hand from my own background. 

Dreams/plans for the future: My first dream is to develop a sustainable business so I can start to hire my team on full-time. This is a huge motivation for me to fully see this dream come to life and for this movement to grow for our students to obtain our program not just locally, but we want to bring this nation wide and globally. We want to disrupt the false dichotomy that students need to choose between a creative path over a technical one. You need both mindsets for future career needs.