#OGEntrepreneurs: Victoria Hernandez

Music doesn’t come out of nowhere. Sure, you can stream it pretty much anywhere now, but music always has to originate from somewhere, whether that’s a stage, a car stereo, or a server sending files to your phone. In El Barrio in 1927, however, you got your music from one person - Victoria Hernandez.

You could get a storefront in New York for $500 in 1927. Victoria did just that, setting up shop on Madison Avenue and opening the first Puerto Rican music store in New York City. Her shop served as more than just a place to page through sheet music or check out the latest records, though, it was a gathering place for the entire music scene.

That first shop was just the start of a long career for Hernandez, one of the defining entrepreneurs of early 20th century New York. If you’re looking for the full story, check out this amazing piece by Elena Martinez in Centro Voices about the many ways Hernandez shaped the Puerto Rican music scene in New York.

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Alex Jonathan Brown