Entrepreneur Profile: Oluwapelumi Adetunji


K'adara LLC | Artisanal | Houston, TX


Tell us a bit about yourself: I am originally from Rep. of Benin, West Africa. I love learning about the arts and cultures of different people,  reading, traveling and listening to music.

What inspired your business?  K’adara is a Social Enterprise that offers women the opportunity to express their creativity through home decor by providing African inspired pillows, poufs, and furniture so that they can showcase their unique style while supporting children in impoverished African communities. My business was inspired by a desire to create socio-economic development in needy African Communities. I've seen a lot of communities in Africa being given free items like clothing, food, water and so on. What I realized, however, is that these donations, though goodhearted, do not address the underlying issues from which poverty and lack stem - lack of education and opportunity.  I decided to empower people by providing not only those basic amenities that they need, but educational and vocational opportunities as well so that they no longer have to depend on anyone for their sustenance. I do this by utilizing the proceeds from the sale of our products. I've always been inspired by the idea of harnessing the power of business for good, so I decided to start a business that creates lasting impact and change, especially in my hometown of Porto-Novo. 

Dreams/plans for the future: I dream that my business will reach a financial standpoint where I'm able to build schools in various communities where access to education would otherwise be almost impossible. I also dream of being a job creator, a means for people to break the chain of poverty and experience a better life, through my business.

Why Skysthelimit.org? When I first started my business, I made a lot of mistakes. I wasn't experienced and I didn't realize that running a business required a very specific set of skills. I signed up for Skysthelimit.org when I started researching and learning about Social Entrepreneurship. When I came across the website, I knew it would be a great resource because they have experienced mentors who are willing to help young entrepreneurs like myself. 

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