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Growth Mindset

We know that people can be developed through dedication, learning, and hard work. Volunteers and entrepreneurs should share this mindset. Having a growth mindset means that we know we can always get better – and constantly seek to do so. We are curious, not afraid to experiment & fail, persistent, and continuously learning. We seek advice from experts ourselves – our team members value our own personal advisors and mentors.

Lean & Scrappy Entrepreneurship

We believe that the best way to launch a business is to test the business idea quickly, reliably and repeatedly. We believe in bootstrapping a business, using resources you already have, at a low risk. Using Lean Startup principles means that we seek to learn by doing, applying the scientific methodology to our work. We use a human-centered design approach for our ideas, then we build & execute tests of those ideas, measure what did – and didn’t – work, and learn. We are flexible and Agile in our work. We move fast, and highly encourage independent decision-making by team members.

Being scrappy means that we use what we have, intelligently & frugally leveraging our resources to grow. Being focused means that we seek the take those actions that have the highest return, that most positively advance our mission. It also means that we actively avoid mission creep.

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