All members of our community agree to the following:


I agree to treat all members of this community with respect, and that I will build and maintain the trust placed in me by other members of this community.


Entrepreneurs agree that their purpose in joining this community is generally to build their business, make new connections and learn new skills. Advisors & Mentors agree that one of the key purposes of their interactions with entrepreneurs in this program will be to support them in achieving their own business goals.


If I commit to a match, I agree to follow through on my commitments to that person. I understand that if I schedule a meeting and miss that meeting (without re-scheduling in advance), I can have my membership suspended.


I agree to treat the private information disclosed to me through this program as confidential. If you have a question about what is confidential, just ask the person who told you the information.


I do not intend to use this program just to promote my own products or services to other members of our community.


I do not intend to use this program to find a business to invest in, an idea to market myself, or to create any other conflicts of interest with members of this community.


I agree that I will keep this community’s Program Managers informed of any change that could materially affect my participation in this program. This includes but is not limited to: 1.) if you no longer have the available time to meet regularly with your mentoring partner, or; 2.) if your mentoring partner becomes unresponsive. I also agree to provide periodic updates to improve the quality of the program.