Why Skysthelimit.org?

Skysthelimit.org offers companies a flexible and convenient volunteering program that builds valuable leadership skills through hands-on mentorship and advising opportunities with young, underrepresented entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower young, underrepresented entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of business ownership, while offering busy professionals a fulfilling volunteering opportunity that fits their lifestyle and develops in-demand leadership skills.

Skysthelimit.org provides a unique combination of research-backed curriculum, volunteer support, and a digital platform that connects young, diverse entrepreneurs to social capital, training, and funding opportunities.

Through Skysthelimit.org volunteers and donors are connected to:

  • A community of entrepreneurs and business professionals

  • Flexible, convenient and meaningful volunteer opportunities

  • Daily chances to make a visible difference in the lives of young adults

By working together across the country, we can support more young entrepreneurs and help drive the creation of new businesses, while providing a one-of-a-kind training experience for you and your organization.

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Benefits of our program

Skysthelimit.org offers volunteer orientations, trainings, and resources, as well as opportunities to create meaningful connections and lasting impact through our mentoring and advising opportunities.

Benefits to your organization

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Skysthelimit.org offers upfront diversity and inclusion awareness training in our volunteer orientations, as well as hands-on opportunities to practice inclusivity and communicating with diverse audiences through our mentoring and advising opportunities. This goes far beyond what typical workshops or diversity presentations can provide, and research suggests that our approach is more effective. In fact, when done incorrectly, diversity and inclusion training can actually result in more harm than good. Researchers have found that mandatory diversity training results in a decrease in actual diversity at the management level. Our program solves for this by offering your employees a voluntary way to practice a wide variety of leadership skills with the additional benefit of learning about and practicing inclusivity and communicating with a community of young entrepreneurs of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

  • More Employee Innovation: A study by Deloitte found that when employees believe their company is strongly committed to inclusivity, there is an 80% uptick in innovation. Collaborating with Skysthelimit.org demonstrates a commitment to promoting diversity in entrepreneurship and inclusive communication. When your employees volunteer with our young entrepreneurs, they are actively being exposed to diverse people and ideas from all parts of the country. Fostering a more inclusive environment results in more diversity in the marketplace of ideas and encourages employees to approach things in new ways. Studies like this one and this one, have found that companies with more diverse workforces make more money. By increasing your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, you’ll be able to attract and retain a more diverse workforce.

  • Increased Employee Retention: Promoting diversity and fostering inclusivity can also help you attract and retain employees. Glassdoor found that 67% of people said a “diverse workforce was an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers,” with more than half of employees surveyed expressing their beliefs that their employer should be doing more to increase the diversity of its workforce. 

  • Improved Public Perception: Your company's support of Skysthelimit.org and young entrepreneurs will contribute to your image as a responsible corporate citizen to your customers, employees and residents. You can also elevate your company’s identity and increase your brand exposure among a community of 15,000+ entrepreneurs and business professionals from leading companies.

  • Measure & See Impact: Because our volunteer community connects with entrepreneurs through our digital platform, we have immediate access to important data points that allow us to easily, quickly, and digitally share our platform analytics.

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Reach our community of over 16,000 young adult entrepreneurs and experienced business professionals in over 40 states.

Benefits to your employees

A volunteering experience that gives back. We’ve created our program and platform to fit the lifestyle of the modern business professional. It’s flexible and convenient, while still facilitating direct, meaningful impact opportunities with the young entrepreneurs we serve.

Opportunities to work with us

*Please contact us to learn more about the value we can offer your organization and the financial commitments associated with each level.

Introductory level

  • Offer Skysthelimit.org’s unique and engaging volunteering opportunity, for up to 10 of your employees.

  • Your 10 employees will have the opportunity to practice leadership skills through hands-on mentoring and advising opportunities with an unlimited number of Skysthelimit.org entrepreneurs.

deeper collaboration

We are looking for partners who we can build deep relationships with, because we've found that's how we can best deliver a good experience to a large number of employees. Typically, this requires custom programming for both organizations, and benefits can be tailored depending on the program agreement.

Benefits to the organization:

  • Offer Skysthelimit.org’s unique and engaging volunteering opportunity, for more than 10 of your employees. (Exact number dependent on terms of our agreement.)

  • Custom comms plan to drive awareness of volunteer opportunities with Skysthelimit.org

  • Exposure to our volunteer community of Fortune 500 professionals and business owners

  • Featured as a supporter on our website

  • Highlighted in blog posts twice a year

  • Mentioned in press and partnerships

  • Send one market research survey per year to our members

  • Reporting on employee participation and impact

Benefits to the employees:

  • Unique and engaging volunteering opportunity for an unlimited number of employees

  • Hands-on leadership skill-building

  • Digital volunteer orientation and training

  • A customized landing page for your employees that:

    • Highlights and explains our collaboration with your organization

    • Reinforces your commitment to diversity and inclusion, corporate citizenship, or any other goals of our collaboration

    • Includes a description of the program

    • Serves as a homepage for your participants

Custom Landing Page for Accenture Partnership

Custom Landing Page for Accenture Partnership

custom programs

  • All benefits of Deeper Collaboration, plus:

  • On-site onboarding and training for employee volunteers.

  • Sponsored Friends & Family Funding Round creating a highly favorable and highly visible presence for your organization

  • Team-based digital accelerator culminating in a pitch day event

  • Co-developed program for employees to aid in intra-organization career transition

  • Co-authored or sponsored Skysthelimit.org’s curriculum, forming best practices for a global network of entrepreneurs and volunteers

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Sponsored Curriculum

When you sponsor a relevant area of curriculum, we integrate it into our program, where our nationwide community of over 16,000 entrepreneurs and business professionals will see it and use it.

Our Volunteers

You don’t have to have started a business to offer support to a young entrepreneur. If you are a business professional with a genuine desire to see young, underrepresented entrepreneurs achieve success, we’d love to have you join our volunteer community!

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Volunteer Description

Skysthelimit.org volunteers are experienced business professionals with a genuine interest in helping underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Whether you’re just starting your career, an experienced executive, or a serial entrepreneur yourself, our entrepreneurs will benefit from your support!

Hear from our volunteers about their experiences with entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneur description

Our entrepreneurs are motivated, passionate and working on their businesses whenever and wherever they can. Many work full-time or part-time at other jobs. Many are single parents, and full-time students. They are starting businesses in all industries, including food, clothing, landscaping services, beauty, tutoring companies, and social enterprises. Some are in the early idea and planning stages, while others have already launched and are looking to grow.


Our Impact

10,000+ entrepreneurs trained

1,000+ Matches

150+ Businesses launched or grown

240+ jobs created

Entrepreneur Stories

Meet just a few of the founders benefitting from being part of the Skysthelimit.org community!


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