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Need start up funding?



The skysthelimit.org “Friends & Family Fund” provides startup grants of up to $2,500* each to selected young entrepreneurs in our community. The funding comes in the form of a cash grant and must be used for business expenses.

Every business has startup costs. While some entrepreneurs get their start by borrowing money from those around them, that plan doesn’t work as easily for everyone. That’s where our Friends & Family Fund comes in. Through this fund, we connect you with a network of our community of donors who are looking to provide “friends and family” support to young entrepreneurs like you through our monthly funding rounds!

*$2,500 is based the amount requested in the budget on your Campaign Page.


Step 1: sign up

Step 2: Attend orientation to see if you qualify

Attend a virtual orientation. If you’re business has launched, you probably qualify! If you’re still in the planning phase, you can still qualify and we’ll tell you how.

Step 3: engage with the community

Don’t worry, we make it easy with our community directory and messaging features.

step 4: Create your Campaign & get votes

Members of our community will get to vote for the entrepreneurs they want to fund each month. You can also invite your own supporters to participate.