Who we are

What we do

We help turn job seekers into job creators by connecting young entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities with experienced volunteer business advisors & mentors.

Why we do it

We believe that the key to empowering entrepreneurs is to provide the right support, from the right people, at the right time.

We also give the opportunity for business advisors & mentors to provide meaningful support to young entrepreneurs, in-person or remotely.

How it works



Sign up – it’s free. Create a profile. Explore our platform and community.



We match young entrepreneurs with experienced business advisors & mentors for virtual and in-person meetings.



Work together to build businesses, learn new skills, and make a meaningful connection!

Our Impact


new businesses launched


jobs created


aspiring young entrepreneurs increased their skills

Get help building your business

If you’re a young, aspiring business owner, we want to help you find your path and build the right business.

GET ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: Learn, develop your skills, and find answers to your questions.

BUILD YOUR SUPPORT NETWORK: Achieve your goals and earn more money.

CONNECT NOW: We quickly connect you to the right advisors or a mentor.

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Support our young entrepreneurs

If you’re an experienced professional who had help getting to where you are now, you can pay it forward.

SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY: Help build the next generation of business owners.

GAIN A VALUABLE EXPERIENCE: Witness the direct impact of your contributions on the life of a young entrepreneur.

ON YOUR TERMS: Volunteer as little or as much as you want, virtually or in person.

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