Pathway to Business Ownership Framework

Building a business is complex. Our approach aims to simplify the process of getting and giving help by aligning specific needs with specific skillsets. We use the Pathway to Business Ownership framework as a tool to help build successful businesses.

Entrepreneurs on select an area that they most need support in in order to build their business. Our business advisors typically provide support in one or more of the 14 areas, depending on their skills and experience. Business mentors provide holistic support and guidance throughout the entrepreneur’s journey.

The right support, from the right people, at the right time.


“I need guidance on where to start with my business idea. I need to create a basic design and plan for how my business works and how it can make money.”

Simone, Founding Partner of Mamacita’s Cafe


“I need to better understand my customers: their problems & desires, the differences between my types of customers, how to reach them, what they think is valuable, etc.”

Tyrone and Tiffany, Co-founders of Circle Up Education


“I need to design my products to fit my customers’ needs, and figure out what materials & equipment I need for them, which manufacturer I should choose, how best to get my products delivered, what price I should charge, etc.”

Victor, Owner of Run The World Clothing


“I need to design my services to fit my customers’ needs, and figure out what services I offer (and what I don’t offer…), how much I charge, how I deliver my services, etc.”

Daisy, Founder of Resilient Wellness


“I need to design and build a website for my business, and grow my online presence. I need to create and use social media and the right apps for my business.”

Morgan, Owner of Cakes by Morgan


“I need to figure out the best ways to get funding for my business – whether it is loans, grants, investors, crowdfunding, pre-selling my products or services, or just starting my business with what I have saved.”

Andrew, Founder of Helping


“I need to get the word out about my business and promote it. I need to get paying customers, and figure out the best ways to sell and market my products and services.”

Yodassa, Founder of Yoda Will Styling


“I want to figure out the legal stuff, like licenses, permits, getting insurance, etc. I want to create the right business structure, whether it is a sole proprietorship, LLC, cooperative, etc. I want to know what regulations I have to follow for my business.”

Acacia, Founder of Ethnic Ties


“I need to figure out how to manage my business’ money. I need to figure out which taxes I need to pay for my business. I need to create a budget and financials for my business.”

Brittini, Owner of Prodigious Soles


“I need to name my business, create a logo, design how the business looks (i.e. colors, style, designs, etc.), and figure out how to talk about my business to other people.”

Afiba, Founder of Twisted Roots Project


“I need to create business processes & systems to help me get organized. I want to be more efficient and grow the business. I want to find new ways to manage the business, cut business costs, etc.”

Victoria, Founder of Resumés Today


“I need someone who can be there for me along the way as I build my business, someone who can make introductions, help me learn and grow my skills, avoid mistakes, push past obstacles, and get to my goals.”

Ajmal, Founder of MyRise


“I need to build a team for my business, and figure out how to handle recruiting and hiring (or getting volunteers), creating roles for each job position, motivating people, creating incentives, training and managing employees.”

Brittany, Owner of WyredUp Bartending


“I need to create a strategy for my business so that I can accomplish my goals. I need a more detailed & organized plan that describes what I do and how I grow my business. I want to identify what the risks and opportunities are for my business over the next few years.”

Brianna, Founder of Catrina’s Gourmet Popcorn