Member Support Associate

Title: Member Support Associate
Reports to: Director, Member Experience
Location: Remote / work from home (Note: there may be limited travel to meet with the team)
Salary: DOE

At (STL), we’re a highly-ambitious tech nonprofit. There aren’t too many like us - we combine the pace, feel, and Lean Startup approach of a tech startup with the business model of a mission-driven nonprofit. Our mission at is to empower underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs (ages 18-29) by connecting them to each other and experienced, volunteer business professionals. In this role, the Member Support Associate will build our community while learning about entrepreneurs and how to support small business owners. This role will primarily be responsible for increasing the value of our program by ensuring that members of our community find each other and have productive interactions on the platform.

Key Daily Goals

Every day, the person in this role will work to achieve the following through email, in-app messaging, texting, phone calls, etc.:

  • Review all completed profiles daily (approx 15 per day)

    • Reach out to community members that have not completed their profiles and nudge them

  • For new Full Members, contact at least 20 per day primarily through in-app messaging and recommend one match for each of them by referencing their profile information

  • For matched Full Members, contact at least 10 per day to check on how their matches are going, make recommendations, and ensure their satisfaction with our program and platform.

  • For entrepreneurs who have been matched, contact at least 5 per day (primarily by phone) to check on their business progress and record their responses.

  • For all community members, respond to at least 3 support emails per day, including recommending our Pathway to Business Ownership resources to entrepreneurs and volunteers, as needed.

Member Onboarding

  • Approve or deny mentoring program applications from members

  • Interview and train members to orient them in the program and get a feel for their goals, needs and skills - as well as make a final determination of their fit for the mentoring program. This includes updating interview materials, business processes, and potentially building a team of interviewers

 Member Support

  • Monitor active matches (mentor and young entrepreneur) at set intervals throughout the duration of the mentoring match through phone conversations and monitoring surveys completed by members

  • Provide support to members, coaching or problem-solving any issues the members experience. Including, on an ad hoc basis, providing business advisory support to young entrepreneurs while they are waiting to be matched with a volunteer.

Partnership Coordination

  • Work with volunteer coordinators at our partners’ companies (including Fortune 500 companies, like Google, eBay, Accenture, and others) to track and ensure that volunteers have a great experience.

Continuous Improvement

  • Share your insights and learnings to our Program and Marketing teams to improve the quality of our program and platform, while helping to grow our community

  • Report and track bugs affecting users and communicate effectively with our engineering team so issues can be investigated and resolved.

  • Prioritize the user experience, actively problem-solving if/when the software fails to deliver on the ideal experience for members of our community (e.g. identify users who need manual support outside of the automated processes)

  • Represent our members’ voice throughout the organization to better inform our product, communications, outreach, and marketing efforts.

Administrative Support

  • Track and document your work and key metrics so that we know the impact of the program on underrepresented young entrepreneurs

  • Track, analyze, and report on customer service requests and responses and provide feedback to the team on customer issues and needs.

  • Analyze and maintain operational processes & policies, recommend and implement procedural changes to improve execution and member satisfaction

  • Identify members who are ready for funding 

  • Track member stories and/or testimonials to be highlighted in newsletters or other marketing materials

Desired Skills, Mindset, and Experience:

  • Excellent communicator regardless of the medium (e.g., written communications, phone, videochat, etc.)

  • Passionate about building relationships

  • Superior customer service skills exhibiting politeness, patience, empathy and inclusivity for a diverse community of members

  • Self-directed, disciplined, able to work on your own in a remote working environment, with the ability to work independently in a fast-paced changing environment, previous experience working remotely is highly desired

  • Strong attention to detail and excellent time management and organizational skills

  • A “connector” mindset

  • High performer

  • Experience starting or managing a small business

  • A desire to grow with our organization

  • A strong belief in our mission