About our Organization

Organizational Philosophy

As an organization, we embrace a lean, scrappy, remote and fairly flat approach to our work. Rather than being guided by hierarchical orders or arbitrary due dates, we are guided by our mission and our KPI’s. We reprioritize as needed and we consistently revisit the following questions:

  1. Why are we (organizationally) doing this? Why are we (individually) doing this?

  2. Where do we draw the line on the level of need we can adequately address for each young entrepreneur?

  3. Who, exactly, do we want to serve and why? What does underrepresented mean? What does under-estimated mean?

    • Both terms are linked to percentage success rates.

    • Underrepresented means that when looking at all founders, there are certain groups who are statistically underrepresented. We’ve operationally defined these groups as follows:

      • Women

      • People of Color / Non-white

      • Immigrants

      • LGBTQ Community

      • Veterans

      • People with disabilities

      • Formerly incarcerated

    • Underestimated is a term we’ve borrowed from Arlan Hamilton at Backstage Capital. Basically, it means that to be successful, marginalized founders usually have to do more with less and face more obstacles to success. So, when if you were to control for the variables that entrepreneurs start with, generally speaking, founders from underrepresented groups are proportionally more likely to succeed, yet they are less likely to receive investor funding. In this way, they are underrepresented. (For more on this topi, check out: Arlan Hamiliton 1: Silicon Valley, By Invite Only by Startup

  4. Why does scale matter so much to us?

  5. What does impact look like for us? To entrepreneurs? To volunteers? To donors?

  6. Design philosophy:

    • Time = Money

    • Lean & simple = good (Complexity = bad)

    • Consider # of users affected - what is the estimated impact of a given service / feature, etc.?

Culture & Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

  1. All human lives are equal.

  2. Doing versus talking. Experiments lead to evidence & data, which trump assumptions and guesses. Lean Startup + scrappy methodologies.

  3. Ownership of our mission, our organization, our roles.

  4. Results really matter. Our results mean we are improving lives.

  5. Helping our entrepreneurs achieve their own goals is ultimately success for us.

  6. Developing a remote team culture is important.

Culture: Here are some initial thoughts on our culture

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