Essential Resources

Before you get started with any changes or new content, there are several existing resources we’d like you to be familiar with:

  1. Our Theory of Change written by our Co-founders, Nic Carey and Bo Ghirardelli


    • The Pathway to Business Ownership - This is the Guide our members currently receive during their orientation. The problem is that it’s not trackable and needs to broken up into more of a step-by-step course or e-learning process.

    • Pathway Overhaul Outline: This is the outline Bo created to help break this down into modules that can be presented via the website (most likely through a blog) so that it is more digestable and trackable.

  3. Our Orientation Guides:

  4. Our Launch4 Guide & Launch4 Facebook Group (please request to join)

  5. About Our Organization

  6. Strategy 2018-19

  7. Our (latest version) Pitch Deck

  8. Fundraising Plan

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