The Pitch4 program is a four-part series to help young entrepreneurs prepare to pitch and launch their ecommerce business.

We will cover how to:

  1. Tell your personal story and why you are launching this business

  2. Describe the problem you are trying to solve with your business

  3. Identify and talk about your customers

  4. Design and talk about your product

  5. Launch your ecommerce business

  6. Create a startup budget and estimate sales & expenses

  7. Create a 1- to 2-minute video to pitch your business

By completing the Pitch4 program, you will be eligible to compete for one of three startup grants. Each grant is up to $2,500 and does not need to be repaid and must be used for business expenses (as outlined in your startup budget). Entrepreneurs who win may need to form a legal business entity, if they haven’t already done so, in order to receive the grant funds. Entrepreneurs who receive a grant must report on how they spent the funds and what their business achieved.


Young entrepreneurs in the skysthelimit.org community who want to prepare a pitch for their business idea and potentially receive startup grants for their business. The skysthelimit.org team and eBay experts in ecommerce will facilitate this program.


The sessions will take place via videochat / webinar. You can participate from anywhere in the US with an internet connection.


The four, one-hour sessions will take place in the late afternoon/evenings. There will be one session per week for four weeks, starting on Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 at 5pm Pacific Time.

Session dates below under Key Dates


To provide information, skills, and seed funding for early stage businesses being launched by young, underrepresented and underestimated entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs who participate in this 4-hour program (one hour per week for four weeks) will receive:

  • Expert help from eBay employees on selling online

  • One of three $2,500 grants for business expenses

  • On-going mentoring and advising from the skysthelimit.org community

*To be eligible to receive one of the three $2,500 grants, you must attend all four sessions and create a 60-second pitch video. If you are one of the three entrepreneurs with the most votes, you will win a grant up to $2,500 for business expenses.*


  1. Young entrepreneurs must be a full member of the skysthelimit.org community.

  2. Entrepreneurs must have (or plan to create) a product that is for sale online, through their own or another website, like eBay.com. Examples include: selling clothing or apparel, beauty products, food, etc.

  3. Entrepreneurs must plan to attend all four, one-hour sessions.

  4. Entrepreneurs who receive a grant must report on how they spent the funds and what their business achieved within 12 months.

Application deadline - March 21st

To apply:

  1. Complete the online application form below by March 21st: (it takes 60 seconds!)

  2. Selected entrepreneurs will be notified within one week of the application deadline.

  3. Pitch videos will be due within one week of completing the Pitch4 program.

  4. Grant recipients will be chosen through our collaboration with eBay.


  • March 21st: 60-second application due to skysthelimit.org

  • April 3rd: 1st session of Pitch4

  • April 10th: 2nd session of Pitch4

  • April 17th: 3rd session of Pitch4

  • April 24th: 4th session of Pitch4 - Pitch Coaches attend here

  • April 30th: All videos and startup budgets due

  • May 1st: Pitch Video Review

  • May 15th: Voting closes

  • May 18th: Grant winners notified

  • May 30th: Grant agreements due back  

Pitch4 Application

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