Over 11 million low-income young adults ages 18 to 29 in the United States say they want to start their own business, but they lack the support they need – Let’s change this together.


Chances are, you had some kind of help getting to where you are today – and now you have the opportunity to proactively pay it forward through our program. Volunteer business advisors and mentors can give their time and talents to help build the next generation of business owners and professionals. We know you can make an impact!


Being an Advisor or Mentor not only benefits the Entrepreneur you’re working with but allows you to develop your own communication skills and relationship-building abilities. Witness the direct impact of your contributions on the life of a young entrepreneur as you support them in achieving their goals.


Our platform & program team uses YOUR profile information to create a personalized experience and recommend Entrepreneurs that match your area of expertise.  All Volunteer commitments can be worked into YOUR schedule.  Advisors commit to an initial meeting with an entrepreneur. Mentors commit to four hours a month for at least one year.

There Are Two Ways To Volunteer

All volunteers join initially as a business advisor and then have the option to become a business mentor.

Business Advisors

  • Advisors support young entrepreneurs in a specific area of their business.
  • For example, lawyers can provide legal and regulatory tips, digital marketers can provide feedback about a marketing plan, bookkeepers can help set up Quickbooks.
  • Advisors make a short-term commitment, meeting with an entrepreneur periodically over at least one month. Advisors will typically meet with their entrepreneur 1-20 times per project.

Business Mentors

  • Mentors support young entrepreneurs across all areas of their business.
  • For example, a mentor might coach an entrepreneur in how to negotiate a contract, how to build a team, or talk with them about general life obstacles.
  • Mentors make a long-term commitment, meeting with an entrepreneur periodically over at least one year. Mentors will typically meet with their entrepreneur on average 4 times per month.

Hear How Our Entrepreneurs Need Your Volunteer Support

"I need to better understand my customers: their problems & desires, the differences between my types of customers, how to reach them, what they think is valuable, etc."

BriannaFounder of Catrina's Popcorn

"I need to create business processes & systems to help me get organized. I want to be more efficient and grow the business. I want to find new ways to manage the business and cut business costs."

AndrewFounder of Helping Foodtruck

"I need to get the word out about my business and promote it. I need to get paying customers, and figure out the best ways to sell and market my products and services."

YodassaFounder of Yoda Will Styling

"I need to build a team for my business, and figure out how to handle recruiting and hiring (or getting volunteers), creating roles for each job position, motivating people, creating incentives, training and managing employees."

AfibaFounder of Twisted Roots Project

 Every Volunteer makes a difference…Don’t you feel awesome giving your time and making a difference in your community?! Share that gift of awesomeness to someone you know that deserves to experience that same feeling!

Refer a friend or family member to skysthelimit.org today.




Sign up – it’s free. Create a profile. Explore our platform. Check out our advisor & mentor trainings.



We match experienced business advisors & mentors with entrepreneurs for virtual and in-person meetings.



Work together to build businesses, get inspired, and make a meaningful connection!


1.  Tell us about yourself and your business experience

Create your skysthelimit.org profile and note your business experience and areas of subject matter expertise that you would like to offer support in. Our volunteers have real world business experience – some are professionals and subject matter experts who work at local firms and global corporations, some are in their encore careers, some are small business owners themselves.

2.  Chat with us

We want to get to know you and learn about your professional experience. Set up time to connect with us so that we can help you find the best fit within our advisor program.

3.  Get to know our entrepreneurs

Our young entrepreneurs are diverse and motivated and have undergone a rigorous screening process. Skysthelimit.org gives you the opportunity to get to know our well curated community of young entrepreneurs through their digital profiles.

4.  Connect with your first entrepreneur

Once you match with your first entrepreneur, get in touch and have your first meeting in-person or virtually.

5.  Continue your involvement

If you found your first meeting to be a rewarding experience, you have a few options for continuing to stay involved. You can continue to volunteer as a business advisor in your areas of expertise to the entrepreneur you met with or other young entrepreneurs. Or, if you have already had a successful match, you can choose to be a business mentor. Our business mentors provide overarching support and guidance to a young entrepreneur throughout their journey while building deep, trusting relationships. We encourage you to meet with multiple young entrepreneurs so that you have the most mutually beneficial experience possible.

Ready to help level the playing field?