Sky's the Limit's Limitless! series is a chat with inspirational entrepreneurs and mentors who encourage us to think differently and #BeLimitless.

For episode 10 we are highlighting Angel Salter, Sky’s the Limit Entrepreneur and Founder of Sweet Salts Bar and Co., a mobile bartending company designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals with controlling the service of alcohol at private functions.

As a young adult, Angel became a college student working 2-3 jobs to gain income in between classes, nights and weekends. After a few years of serving, she became fascinated with the art of bartending. She learned to bartend and gained experience in various service settings. Post-graduation, she continued to bartend for supplemental income but grew tired of working 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. every weekend after a 40+ hour work week! She wished to continue to bartend, but this time on her own terms. After testing the waters, she labeled herself as a mobile bartender, registered as a business and thus Sweet Salts Bar and Co. was born!

If you're an entrepreneur or a mentor, this event is for you!

  • Be inspired by how to build a successful business built around the life you want to live
  • Hear how working with mentors helped Angel take her business to the next level
  • See how to overcome challenges when starting out

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