Welcome accenture volunteers!

Skysthelimit.org has partnered with Accenture to connect employees to flexible, convenient, and life-changing volunteer opportunities.

Why Skysthelimit.org?

Accenture and Skysthelimit.org share a mission to use tech for good. Skysthelimit’s mission of empowering young, underrepresented entrepreneurs to fulfill their business dreams and our unique digital platform complement the work Accenture is already doing to empower people to change the world through the use of technology.

By working together, we can serve more young adults and provide another way for the Accenture community to make a difference.

Do you want to help underserved young adult entrepreneurs make their business ideas a reality?

Our modern volunteering experience takes place through our digital platform at Skysthelimit.org. You choose who you match with, for how long, and when you meet via phone, video chat, or in-person!

our community

Over 80% of our entrepreneurs are people of color, 70% are women, and most are low-income when they join our program. Our entrepreneurs are building modern small businesses, that are usually tech-enabled, such as in-home hair salons, food trucks, clothing brands, and a wide variety of services. With over 14,000 registered entrepreneurs on Skysthelimit.org, we’re growing quickly and need early, mid, and senior professionals from all areas. From sales, operations, design, program management, analytics, marketing, etc. - our entrepreneurs are so grateful for the support professionals like you can make, whether it is listening and giving feedback, asking good questions, sharing ideas, and genuinely caring about their dreams. There are so many ways you can make a difference!

Your work will directly impact the lives of under-served young adults. The impact of business ownership is life-changing, and your support is crucial to making it a reality! You will enable young people to expand their sense of what is possible, create a new source of income, develop marketable skills, and enhance their feelings of empowerment and dignity.

Primarily, you will:

  1. Help build their confidence in themselves as an entrepreneur by caring about and meeting with them on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. It can be 3 times over one month, or every other week for four months, or monthly for a year. You can start small and build from there!

  2. Transfer some of your knowledge and skills to a young entrepreneur in a functional area of business (e.g. help them figure out how to launch a marketing campaign, design their business model, or improve their products/services, etc.)

Our ideal candidate is someone with the ability to build trust and rapport with underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs, and is an early, mid, or senior professional. It’s a bonus if you have significant management and/or entrepreneurial experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Willing to spend 1 to 10 hours over approx. three months working one-on-one to advise a young entrepreneur (virtually or in-person) in an area of their expertise. You can decide how many entrepreneurs you want to match with.

  • It is a bonus if you have been a manager, entrepreneur, or run an entrepreneurial venture.

  • Able to provide structured feedback and support across the early stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

  • Strong ability to build trust and rapport quickly.

  • An interest in small business development and a strong belief in our mission to empower underserved young entrepreneurs.

  • Some experience as a coach, advisor, mentor, or manager is highly desired.

  • Experience working with low-income young adults (ages 18-29), especially young men and women of color is helpful.


There are no prescribed deliverables. It depends on how you work with the young entrepreneur you match with. It may be that your entire match consists of meetings, discussions, moral support, or it could look like sending written feedback on a business plan, co-creating a marketing plan, or building a website on Squarespace, Shopify, etc. together.

Time required:

  • Every volunteer on Skysthelimit.org must complete a profile on our platform and do a virtual orientation with our team. (approximately 1 hour)

  • Support, advise, mentor a young entrepreneur across the US and internationally. Average of 2 to 10 hours over 3 to 6 months, per entrepreneur match. You decide who to match with, how long, how often, when & how to meet (via phone, video chat, in-person). 

How it works…

Benefits to joining as a volunteer…