Welcome to our NEXT

Friends & Family Funding Round!



Many entrepreneurs get their start by borrowing money from those around them. This kind of “friends and family” support works well for some, but at skysthelimit.org, we know that plan doesn’t work for everyone. So, if your hustle needs more of a kickstart than your current circle can offer, we’re here to help broaden your friends and family network by connecting you with our community of skysthelimit.org donors who are looking to support young entrepreneurs like you!


Skysthelimit.org’s “Friends and Family Fund” provides startup grants up to $2,500 to selected young entrepreneurs in our community. The total granted amount is dependent how much you request. These grants must be used for business expenses, and we will require updates on how the grant helped your business. But, unlike a loan, you do not have to pay it back.

Invited participants will create a campaign page to pitch our donor community on their business idea. Donors will vote for their favorite campaigns by awarding coins. At the end of each month, the campaign with the most coins wins!

What is the Friends & Family Fund?

In order to be eligible you must:

  1. Be registered on the skysthelimit.org platform

  2. Have launched your business, completed Launch4, or submitted an equivalent demonstration that you are prepared to launch

  3. Have demonstrated engagement in our community by actively working with our skysthelimit.org volunteer community

Are you eligible?