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Learn more about Sky’s The Limit

Through our digital solutions we provide entrepreneurs with one-on-one mentoring and business support, world-class entrepreneurship training resources, and access to startup grants funding.


Our Partners

Sky's the Limit

We believe all entrepreneurs deserve an equitable chance to chase their business dreams.

Who We Serve

We provide underrepresented entrepreneurs with one-to-one support, business training resources, and startup grants funding through our digital solutions. Our community is over 70,000 members strong and growing!

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies can build meaningful relationships and grow together.

Entrepreneurs Work With Us Because...

11 million+ aspiring underrepresented entrepreneurs say they want to start businesses but lack the role-models and know-how. Our app offers a practical, safe space full of eager, knowledgeable business professionals ready to help entrepreneurs test and gain real-world insights on new business ideas.

Supporters Work With Us Because...

10 million+ business professionals want skills-based volunteering opportunities. But it can be hard to know how, to whom, and when to offer your support. We help mentor-supporters and entrepreneurs match, meet and succeed via an app that makes it easy to give both fast feedback and build relationships for sustained support over time.

The Minds Behind Our Mission

Meet Our Team

Behind every success story at Sky's the Limit, there’s a dedicated team working to make a difference. Our team of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds brings their unique expertise and a shared commitment to empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs.

How we Work

Our Theory of Change

At, we envision a world where every entrepreneur has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Through our mission to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies can build meaningful relationships and grow together, we activate our digital platform as a welcoming space where all our members can succeed.


Meet Our

Nearly 60,000 underrepresented entrepreneurs have signed up to get help for businesses in all industries,including fashion, food, beauty, health and wellness, consulting, and more!


Identify as women


Identify as Black


Identify as people of color


Report low income

Ready to make a meaningful impact in just 1-2 hours a month?

Start exploring the platform today to learn more about how our digital marketing services can help your business grow and succeed online.


How we can help you?

Get answers to your questions!
Are the services from Sky's the Limit free?
Yes! 100% free! We are a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US and a certified charity in the UK, which allows us to partner with our sponsors to bring you a premium entrepreneurship program at no cost to you.
How does it work?

Sky’s the Limit is a mutually beneficial community of Supporters and Entrepreneurs, all focused on creating the next generation of thriving businesses. 

Supporters may be highly skilled professionals at Fortune 1000 companies who volunteer their time to mentor, advise and teach others; or they may be fellow entrepreneurs who range from highly seasoned to just starting out but eager to help others by sharing their own experiences in overcoming challenges.  

Entrepreneurs are often very early idea-stage, building their first business venture, or could be on their second or third business and looking to benefit from peer support, expert mentorship and access to capital to help them move forward.

Once you are accepted as a full member, you can begin building out your network and initiating the messaging and meeting process by sending requests to “Orbit” other members. Once the other member accepts your request, you two will be “in Orbit.” This unlocks the Intercom function which allows you to schedule meetings and get to know each other. You can work on your most urgent business challenges and work together on tasks like your business plan, getting new customers, and more. 

STL’s app helps connect you to mentors, resources, and funding opportunities; however, you must bring the right mindset and level of commitment to this community. It’s important that you believe that with the right mindset and support, you can transform yourself into the entrepreneur or supporter you want to be. 

Successful STL members succeed in this community by taking a mindset that includes: 

  • willing to learn from your mistakes or failures
  • honoring your commitments
  • open to working with and learning from and alongside others
How do I get involved?
It’s easy! Start with setting up your profile at Fill out as much information as you can. We use the information you provide to help match you with Entrepreneurs based on predictors of success including demographics and interests. We also want to match your skills with the needs of Entrepreneurs so the more complete your profile is, the better! And lastly, tell us about yourself. The best way to get to know others on the platform is by sharing a little about yourself!