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Many entrepreneurs get their start by borrowing money from those around them. This kind of “friends and family” support works great if you happen to be born surrounded by people who’ve already found success. Unfortunately, that plan doesn’t work for everyone.

If you want to see increased opportunities for all and help underrepresented entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams, you can—and you’ll even get to see how your contribution will make a big impact on their lives.

By giving to the Friends & Family Fund, you’ll join our community of donors in creating a network of support for young, underestimated entrepreneurs like Jafet.



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Jafet is the founder of a creative consulting agency, who joined in October of 2018. He has persevered despite losing support from his mother after coming out, being kicked out of his home, and facing testicular cancer just last year. Since graduating college, he’s worked full-time (even while undergoing chemotherapy) and freelanced on the side. He recently went full-time with his consulting business, and is now more determined than ever to grow his own successful business. As he says “I’m grateful for every disadvantage and hurdle that’s come my way. I’ve learned invaluable lessons from each—each reinforcing my resiliency.”


If a young entrepreneur like Jafet can overcome so much and still start his business, imagine what he will do with “friends and family” support? Become a donor to see how you can support more entrepreneurs like him. View more entrepreneur stories ➤



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