Community Guidelines

Our guidelines keep our community safe and thriving. Help us strengthen and grow this community by following these guidelines.


  • Please treat everyone in this community with respect and report any inappropriate behavior immediately.

  • Avoid breaking confidentiality or creating conflicts of interest, including soliciting, engaging in lending or investing relationships, or inappropriately using other people’s ideas for my own gain.


  • This community only works if you use it. Reach out to others, schedule meetings quickly, and show up.

  • Respond to messages the same day or as promptly as possible to avoid seeing your average response time drop. We track average response times for use in our recommendations, and we display them to the community.

don’t ghost

  • Commit to being on time to all scheduled meetings or providing 24 hours notice if needing to reschedule.

  • Repeatedly missing or being late to meetings may lead to suspension of your membership.