Recent FAQs

As we launch our updated Sky's the Limit experience, here are a few common questions to help you navigate the change!

  • I've had a Sky's the Limit account for awhile. Will my information still be the same in the new app? Yes, your login information and profile information will still be the same, and your information and history will carry over. Just login using the same username and password.

  • How do I edit my Profile? Tap your photo image in the top right corner of your screen. Then click "edit profile" and you will be taken to a page to update your personal and business information.

  • What is an Orbit? Orbit is a relationship between two or more members on the app. Think of it as fundamental to unlocking your ability to connect with other members. Find members you'd like to connect with, and Orbit them. When they Orbit you back, you'll unlock your ability to message and meet using the Intercom feature.

  • What is an Intercom? Intercom is the place where you message and meet other members in-app. You can start conversations with other members of the community to ask for or offer advice and assistance once you're in a mutual Orbit. 

  • What is an Assist? An Assist is a request for help that will go out to the entire Sky's the Limit community. You will see them appear as "cards" on your feed, and you can browse, click in, and interact with these Assists to offer your support, advice and solidarity. Only Entrepreneurs can create Assists, but both Supporters and Entrepreneurs are able to interact with active Assists.

  • What are Milestones? A Milestone is like a signpost along your business journey. This of these as key moments you can use to mark the completion of particular stages in the development of your business or personal growth. It's a great idea for Supporters and Entrepreneurs to work on Milestones together: advice and mentorship are key to helping accelerate Entrepreneurs' ability to achieve milestones more quickly and effectively.

  • What are Stations? Stations have replaced the Teams functionality. If you were part of a Team previously, you should still see it in Stations. You can also start a new Station to connect with others and collaborate for feedback and support around particular topics, geographies, or business Milestones. Grow your Station by inviting new members.

  • What are Pitches? Pitches are created by Entrepreneurs to help share the story of their business in order to secure funding. By using the Pitch feature, Entrepreneurs can also receive feedback from Supporters about how their story resonates or how they could strengthen it. Supporters are encouraged to browse Pitches regularly, offer feedback and Boost compelling Pitches to help Entrepreneurs qualify for funding opportunities.

  • What are Boosts? Boosts are a way of showing your support for an Entrepreneurs' Pitches in order to help them qualify for funding. All members are invited to be active participants in the community and show their support by visiting daily: each member may Boost as many Pitches as desired  in that day -- but will be limited to a single Boost per pitch. So, login often to continue to help your favorite Pitch rise to the top!

  • What are Victories? Members earn Victories in the app by completing certain tasks identified by Sky's the Limit as key to progressing along your journey as a Supporter or Entrepreneur. You can see all the Victories you have unlocked, as well as all the other actions you've been engaged with i the App, by viewing My Activity from your home screen (aka your Launchpad!).


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