For Accenture employees looking to make a difference –
Join our community of business advisors and mentors to support young entrepreneurs.


Talent is everywhere – but opportunity is not. That’s why we need your help.

Over 11 million low-income young adults ages 18 to 29 in the United States say they want to start their own business, but they lack the support they need.


Let’s change this together.

Our young entrepreneurs are diverse and motivated.

Clothing designers, hair stylists, caterers, photographers, electricians, musicians, graphic designers, landscapers, bookkeepers, realtors, trainers, food truck owners, contractors, artists, consultants, healers, event planners…and more!

How it works


Register as a volunteer – it’s free. Create a profile. Explore our platform. Check out our advisor & mentor trainings.


You will be matched with an underserved young entrepreneur for virtual and in-person meetings. There is no limit to the number of matches you can make!


Work with Entrepreneurs to build businesses, get inspired, and make meaningful connections! And when you’re ready, request to match again!

You can help young entrepreneurs build their businesses

"I need to better understand my customers: their problems & desires, the differences between my types of customers, how to reach them, what they think is valuable, etc."

BriannaFounder of Catrina's Popcorn

"I need to create business processes & systems to help me get organized. I want to be more efficient and grow the business. I want to find new ways to manage the business and cut business costs."

AndrewFounder of Helping Foodtruck

"I need to get the word out about my business and promote it. I need to get paying customers, and figure out the best ways to sell and market my products and services."

YodassaFounder of Yoda Will Styling

"I need to build a team for my business, and figure out how to handle recruiting and hiring (or getting volunteers), creating roles for each job position, motivating people, creating incentives, training and managing employees."

AfibaFounder of Twisted Roots Project

Benefits for advisors & mentors


Develop relationships with incredible young entrepreneurs, and be part of their story.


Book times to advise or mentor young entrepreneurs on your own schedule, remotely or in-person.


We all got help getting where we are. Be that person for a young entrepreneur.


Gain valuable experience and exposure to the entrepreneurial process.


Connect with other professionals in your area through this program.


Advisors support young entrepreneurs in a specific area of their business. They provide timely, expert advice and feedback to help an entrepreneur move their business forward.

For example, lawyers can provide legal and regulatory tips, digital marketers can provide feedback about a marketing plan, or bookkeepers can help set up Quickbooks. Advisors make a short-term commitment, meeting with entrepreneurs at least one to three times at mutually agreed upon times and places (phone/videochat or in-person).

After the first few meetings, advisors and entrepreneurs can decide to casually stay in touch, or end their collaboration, or keep actively working together.


Mentors support young entrepreneurs across all areas of their business. They are dynamic generalists – often with entrepreneurship or business management experience – who build meaningful relationships with an entrepreneur.

For example, a mentor might coach an entrepreneur in how to negotiate a contract one week, and the next they may talk about general life obstacles, and then the next week about how to build a team.

Mentors make a long-term commitment, meeting with an entrepreneur on average for 4 hours a month over at least one year at mutually agreed-upon times and places (phone/videochat or in-person).

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Our volunteer advisors & mentors work at Accenture, Lyft, Bank of America, Google, Blockchain, and other top corporations – as well as locally-owned small businesses and firms. They use their skills in operations, branding, business modeling, marketing, accounting, sales, HR, legal – and many other areas of business – to help our young adults chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

What our young entrepreneurs say

"Thanks for everything! I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for you!"

MORGANCakes by Morgan

"This program helped me build Run the World Clothing, a socially conscious clothing company."

VictorRun the World Clothing

"This program provides resources, mentoring and encouragement that support enthusiastic entrepreneurs in making their business dreams become a profitable reality."

TYRONE & TIFFANYCircleUp Education

Meet some of our young entrepreneurs


For experienced professionals looking to support young entrepreneurs.