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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Learn basic accounting and bookkeeping to launch your business. Start learning now without having to hire someone to do it for you!

Get paid

Discover different ways to receive and process payments from your customers and checkout some of our favorite platforms.

Business banking

Learn about the importance of creating a business banking account and tips on how to track your business expenses.

Cash flow statement

Estimate your expected net profit or how much money you will actually make.

What's the difference between a PO, an invoice and a sales receipt?

Learn about the importance of purchase orders, invoices, payment terms and sales receipts and create an invoice template that meets your business needs.

Definitions for common pricing terms

Read about break-even point, gross profit, revenue and get definitions for other business related terms.

Startup budget

Learn to how to estimate the costs of starting a business also known as creating a startup budget and review our list for typical business expenses.