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Branding is the marketing practice of shaping your customers' perception of your company. Start a memorable brand with these tips on taglines, color usage, internet branding, and more!

Mission statement

A mission statement states the purpose of your company. When thinking about your mission, ask yourself why you started this venture in the first place.

Vision statement

A vision statement states what you aspire your company to become. When thinking about your vision, ask yourself what benefits your company or organization provides that changes the world or marketplace.

Building a brand

These steps are naming the business, creating a tagline, figuring out how to talk about the business to other people, creating a logo, designing how the business looks (i.e. colors, style, etc.).

Branding guidelines

We’ve summarized the 10 Laws of Branding. Use these laws as guidelines to help you as you build your business brand.

Create a tagline for your business

A tagline is a short, powerful phrase that is permanently associated with your business. It represents the tone and feeling you want for your products or services.

Color psychology

Color psychology is the idea that colors evoke feelings, and that’s a powerful tool for you to harness in the logo and colors for your brand.

Create a logo

A logo is a visual element that represents your business.

Personal branding: how to brand yourself

Essentially, in developing a personal brand, you are selling yourself and the impression you make combined with the reputation you create in society - whether you want one or not.