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Gerene Keesler


Gerene Keesler
about my business:
Admissions Untangled | Tampa, FL

Gerene Keesler, the owner and founder of Admissions Untangled, is making a profound impact on the lives of students who think and learn differently.

With a career spanning three decades in higher education and armed with an MS in Counseling and a certificate in College Counseling, Gerene's passion and dedication shine through in her work.

Her journey is all the more remarkable as she herself lives with multiple disabilities, a fact that has fueled her commitment to helping students like her navigate the academic landscape. She's on a mission to provide the resources and support to help her students succeed. 

My Mentor(s):
  • Jagadish Velagapudi, Sr. Director, Technology Client Account Executive at Accenture

  • Brian Buonaiuto, Broker Owner at NextHome

  • Business Plan
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The guidance and support of her mentors, Jagadish Velagapudi and Brian Buonaiuto, made a significant impact on the way Gerene acquires customers and created a solid basis for future growth. 

Jagadish Velagapudi, Sr. Director, Technology Client Account Executive at Accenture, brings a wealth of experience in the technology industry. He was keen to support entrepreneurs at various stages of their business journey and offered his mentorship, guidance, and professional services pro-bono. Jagadish played a pivotal role in helping Gerene navigate the complexities of technology, providing valuable insights on her website and SEO. Brian Buonaiuto, Broker Owner at NextHome, based in Tampa, FL, also provided his expertise consulting with Gerene on her website and SEO.

The feedback and guidance provided by Jagadish and Brian were instrumental in optimizing Gerene's website and improving its SEO, which in turn attracted more clients and increased her revenue stream, which shaped the trajectory of her business, putting Admissions Untangled on the path to the growth and expansion of Admissions Untangled. 

One of the significant improvements Gerene made was adding well-crafted blogs to her website. These blogs not only provided valuable information to her target audience, but also played a pivotal role in driving up her website's SEO. As a result, her website became more visible to potential clients, enhancing her online presence and reputation.

Additionally, Gerene made a strategic shift in her service offerings. Instead of solely providing large service packages, she began offering smaller increments of hours to her clients. This innovative approach generated more interest and inquiries, attracting a broader range of clients who appreciated the flexibility and personalized service Admissions Untangled offered.

  • My mentors helped me increase my clients and revenue, while setting the foundation for future growth.
    Gerene Keesler
  • With their guidance, I published more blog posts to my website, which boosted SEO and online visibility. And I shifted my offerings from packages to smaller chunks of hours, which generated more interest for my services.
    Gerene Keesler
    talking about how her mentors supported her

A key milestones she accomplished was the completion of her business plan, a crucial step in solidifying her business's foundation. The milestones have been very valuable as she continues along her business journey.

"The milestones gave me ideas on how to move my business forward," Gerene shared with us. 

With a mission to help students who think and learn differently discover the college that works best for them, Gerene Keesler's success story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and a testament to the transformative power of mentorship. Through her determination and the support of her mentors, she continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless students, proving that with the right guidance and perseverance, the sky is truly the limit.

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