Who we are

skysthelimit.org is the digital platform of Youth Business USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Oakland, CA (#EIN 27-4333255). In 2014, we debuted our first non-profit program targeted towards young adult entrepreneurs and volunteers located in the San Francisco Bay Area. By 2015, we attracted the attention of global organizations and engaged in a partnership with Accenture to launch skysthelimit.org.

The problem that we are trying to solve

skysthelimit.org launched in response to the youth underemployment crisis in the US, where this decade has seen the highest youth unemployment rate since World War II. The crisis and structural inequities in our socio-economic system have resulted in a lack of economic opportunity for millions of young adults. skysthelimit.org is empowering young adults to achieve employment, be financially independent, and accomplish their business goals.

Our focus

The skysthelimit.org community has a special focus on serving young entrepreneurs ages 18 to 29 who face significant barriers to business ownership. We work with entrepreneurs that are building all kinds of businesses — from clothing lines to catering companies, food trucks to consulting companies, hair stylists to mechanics. Whether or not they’ve gone to college, whether or not they have to work other jobs on the side — all of our entrepreneurs are chasing their dreams.  

How we support

We believe that the key to empowering our aspiring entrepreneurs is to provide them with the right support, from the right people, at the right time in their entrepreneurial journey. We provide free resources to support our entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses and to support our volunteers as they work with our entrepreneurs. We’ve created resources such as the Pathway to Business Ownership or How to Start a Clothing Line guide to be used as a framework for building successful businesses.

Guiding Principles

Growth Mindset

We know that people can be developed through dedication, learning, and hard work. Volunteers and entrepreneurs should share this mindset.

Lean & Scrappy Entrepreneurship

We believe that the best way to launch a business is to test the business idea quickly, reliably and repeatedly. We believe in bootstrapping a business, using resources you already have, at a low risk.


Focusing on a single idea at a time is vital. If an entrepreneur can first learn how to successfully build one business, then they can apply that learning to other ideas more easily in the future.

40/40/20 Rule

When launching a new business, an entrepreneur’s best teacher is their customer. We encourage entrepreneurs to spend 40% of their time selling their product or service, 40% making their product or service better, and 20% getting feedback from their mentor & advisors.

Our Team

Bo Ghiradelli

Bo Ghiradelli

Co-Founder and CEO

Social entrepreneur dedicated to economic empowerment and creating value. Former educator. Humanist. Travel enthusiast. Lived on four continents.

Nicolas Cary

Nicolas Cary

Co-Founder and Chairman

Entrepreneur focused on solving big problems through technology. Co-founder @ Blockchain. Nomad. Dog lover. Coffee is amazing.

Joel Higa

Joel Higa

Chief Operating Officer

Passionate about scaling services for underrepresented young entrepreneurs. Love to cook everything from scratch. Also scuba diving.

Danee Pye

Danee Pye

Director of Member Experience

Entrepreneur called to do (and empower others to do) work that matters. Latinx. Founder. PhD. Coffee addict. Ocean lover. She/her.

Our Supporters