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community investment

friends & Family fund

Each month, our members vote for at least one Sky’s the Limit entrepreneur to receive a $2,500 startup grant. We’ve given out over $250,000 in grants so far and plan to fund millions more.


Do I qualify?

If you have a business or business idea and are from a group that is statistically underrepresented in traditional entrepreneurship, you likely qualify for full membership.



Whether you want to get support for your startup or give support by mentoring or advising young entrepreneurs, it all starts with creating your free profile so you can MESSAGE and MEET members.



As a member of, you’ll be able to message, meet, and collaborate with other members to work on projects and complete business milestones that propel your business ideas forward.



Members develop valuable business skills and build meaningful relationships—all while building innovative businesses and increasing equity in entrepreneurship!

Meet Our

Nearly 40,000 underrepresented entrepreneurs have signed up to get help for businesses in all industries,including fashion, food, beauty, health and wellness, consulting, and more!


Identify as women


Identify as Black


Identify as people of color


Report low income

Success stories

How we can help you?

Get answers to your important questions!

Do I qualify for the Sky’s the Limit program and services?

We serve underrepresented entrepreneurs from groups traditionally underrepresented in entrepreneurship, including: 

  • Low-income backgrounds

  • Women

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or other entrepreneurs of color) 

  • LGBTQ+

  • Formerly incarcerated

  • Formerly in foster care

  • Experienced housing instability

  • Entrepreneurs with disabilities

  • Combat Veterans 

How does it work?

Once you are accepted as a full member, you can immediately begin messaging and meeting other members, including volunteer mentors. You can work on your most urgent business challenges, and use our Project Guides to work together on your business plan, getting new customers, and more. 

We connect you to mentors, resources, and funding opportunities; however, you must bring the right mindset and level of commitment to this community. It’s important that you believe that with the right mindset and support, you can transform yourself into the entrepreneur you want to be. 

Lastly, to succeed in this community, we assume that you are: 

  • willing to learn from your mistakes or failures

  • going to honor your commitments

  • open to working with and learning from others

What is the commitment that I make as a member?

By joining our community of entrepreneurs, you are making the following commitment:

  1. You’ll only request support when you’re ready to actively work with one of our volunteer advisors or mentors. If you aren’t ready yet, just set yourself to the status “Busy” until you are. 

  2. Once you’ve messaged with someone and agreed to meet, you should be ready to set up a meeting (by phone, video chat, or in-person) within the next two weeks.

  3. You’ll attend scheduled meetings on time or provide notice if you will be late or need to reschedule. 

  4. You’ll rate your experience and provide feedback when asked by our Member Experience team.