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How it Works


Complete A Profile

Whether you want to get support for your startup or give support by mentoring or advising young entrepreneurs, it all starts with creating your free profile so you can MESSAGE and MEET members.


Orbit and Collaborate

As a member of, you’ll be able to message, meet, and collaborate with other members to work on projects and complete business milestones that propel your business ideas forward.


Celebrate Your Wins!

Members develop valuable business skills and build meaningful relationships—all while building innovative businesses and increasing equity in entrepreneurship!

Meet Our

Nearly 40,000 underrepresented entrepreneurs have signed up to get help for businesses in all industries,including fashion, food, beauty, health and wellness, consulting, and more!


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How we can help you?

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How do entrepreneurs become eligible for Sky’s the Limit grants?

STL offers a range of funding opportunities that are apply at different stages of the business journey.

Our core monthly grant program, the Friends & Family Fund grant, is available one time to all members who meet the following criteria: you must be based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom and have a completed profile on Sky’s the Limit. Next, you must complete a Funding Pitch to let other members know how a grant would help fuel your business. The full guidelines for the Friends & Family process can be found here.

Other Funding Rounds typically have additional eligibility criteria which will be outlined in their descriptions. Here are some tips:

  • Location (Typically!) Matters: Typically, you must base your business in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.
  • Complete Your Profile: Ensure your Sky’s the Limit profile is thorough and up to date.
  • Craft a Winning Pitch: Develop and post a Friends and Family Pitch showcasing how a grant can turbocharge your business.
  • Participate: Active participation within our vibrant community dramatically heightens your chances of securing funding. Dive in and boost your eligibility today!
How are winner(s) selected?

Once an entrepreneur’s Funding Pitch is live, members of the community can view and boost it.

Entrepreneurs are only eligible to win each type of funding campaign once (BUT they are eligible for other types of funding rounds).

Entrepreneurs will be automatically entered for any round they are eligible for.

For Friends & Family Grants, one winner is chosen every month, typically on the last weekday of the month by 5pm PST / 8pm EST and notified of their status, and it's awarded based on the number of Boosts the community gives.

Depending on the type of Funding Round, there can be multiple winners in a Round. 

Be sure to check out the Pitch FAQ to understand more.

Note: Sometimes entrepreneurs get enough boosts to win in their first month, sometimes it can take several months.

What does the entrepreneur actually win?
Entrepreneurs “win” the amount of money they requested on their campaign page in their budget, up to a maximum of $2,500 per entrepreneur (£ 2,000 in the UK). Entrepreneurs will receive this award in the form of a cash grant, upon signing a grant agreement. This money does not need to be paid back nor does Sky’s the Limit receive any material gain for it, however, the money does need to be spent on business-related expenses.
Can entrepreneurs win more than one grant?
Typically, yes. If an entrepreneur wins the Friends & Family Fund grant they won’t be eligible to compete for it again. However, they may be eligible for other grants. The “Pitches > Grants” area will contain the latest information about current funding opportunities and deadlines.
What is the commitment that I make as a member?

By joining our community, you’re making the following commitments:

  • As an Entrepreneur, you’ll request support when you’re ready to actively work with Supporters – in other words, you’re getting in contact when you’re ready to accept the help of advisors, peers, and mentors and take action to move forward
  • If you’re playing a Supporter role, you’ll respond to messages timely and be clear about the commitments you can make – think under-promise, over-deliver!
  • Once you’ve messaged with someone and agreed to meet, you should be ready to take action together and conduct that meeting within the next two weeks
  • You’ll attend scheduled meetings on time and provide advance notice if you will be late or need to reschedule. 
  • You’ll rate your experience and provide feedback when asked by our Member Experience team.
What is the Sky’s the Limit Volunteer Program?
Sky’s the Limit is a digital platform that pairs underrepresented young entrepreneurs with volunteer business professionals who want to help them reach their business goals. Want all the details? If you’re into stats, graphics, and stories, this page is for you! Volunteer page.
Why should I volunteer?

Do you want to make a difference in a young person's life? Do you want to share your business knowledge with others? These are two great reasons! 

Other reasons include: 

  • Expanding your own professional network by volunteering with colleagues and getting to know impressive founders that you might not otherwise meet. 

  • Practicing important leadership skills like active listening, inclusive communication, and emotional intelligence. 

  • Having the type of transformative experience that occurs when two people are willing to listen to and learn from each other. 

How do I get involved?
It’s easy! Start with setting up your profile at Fill out as much information as you can. We use the information you provide to help match you with Entrepreneurs based on predictors of success including demographics and interests. We also want to match your skills with the needs of Entrepreneurs so the more complete your profile is, the better! And lastly, tell us about yourself. The best way to get to know others on the platform is by sharing a little about yourself!
How do I know I would be a good mentor?

These are the basic skills our top mentors have in common:

  • Active listening

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Business skills*

  • Care for others

  • Empathy

Let’s talk about Business Skills...
The list of skills an entrepreneur needs is long and can be as simple as help in setting up a Google account, managing calendars, or creating a professional email signature to more complicated areas like setting up an LLC, working with manufacturers, or negotiating contracts.
Am I responsible for the overall success of the entrepreneurs I meet with? What if I have a pretty narrow skill set?
Most Sky’s the Limit entrepreneurs work with multiple volunteers over the course of starting their businesses. You help as much or as long as you feel comfortable and just need to communicate and set expectations as you work together. Other volunteers are available to help address areas of their business that you don’t feel comfortable with.
What kind of needs do Entrepreneurs have?

These are the top five problems we hear from Sky’s the Limit Entrepreneurs:

  • “I don’t have anyone to talk to about my business.”

  • “I need help identifying next steps.” 

  • “I want to be held accountable for my goals and progress.”

  • “I don’t know how to make new sales.” 

  • “I’m looking for creative ways to fund my business.” 

What are my options for volunteering?

Volunteers are encouraged to provide whatever level of commitment they can.

For instance, you can help as an advisor and provide short-term support for a young entrepreneur in a specific area of their business. Or you might choose to develop longer engagements. A mentoring relationship typically starts with a short-term project so that the volunteer and the entrepreneur have the opportunity to try the relationship on a smaller scale before advancing to a long term mentoring relationship. Mentoring relationships tend to develop organically when there is a good fit and the length of that is determined by the people involved. It can last weeks, or in some cases, years! 

What are the time commitments for volunteering with Sky’s the Limit?

By joining Sky's the Limit as a volunteer you are committing to:

  1. Respond to any entrepreneur who reaches out. If you receive too many requests, you can pause new messages in your messaging settings or reach out to for assistance.

  2. Meet with at least one entrepreneur for an Intro Meeting within the first two weeks. If you just want to browse first, please set yourself to “Busy” until you are ready to meet. 

  3. If you decide to work with an entrepreneur, you both commit to attending scheduled meetings on time, or provide notice if you need to reschedule.

  4. Rate your experience and provide feedback and updates when asked.

I need help with the platform, is there anyone who can help me?
Yes! You can contact our Member Experience team at any time here. You can also attend one of our office hours sessions, which we offer twice a week and you can sign up here!
Are there other ways to get involved?

As a volunteer, there are so many different ways you can support an aspiring entrepreneur. Here are just a few of them… 

  • Make an Introduction - maybe you don’t have the experience or skills to help in a specific area, but do you know someone who does? Helping founders network by introducing them to your network can go a long way. 

  • Listen: provide a “safe zone” - The best mentors have  more questions than answers. Help an entrepreneur build confidence through judgement-free brainstorming. 

  • Give Feedback - Take a look at their business plan, profile, pitch etc., ask questions, help them identify gaps or find solid examples to follow. 

  • Help identify opportunities and obstacles - As they think through their options, you can help by brainstorming potential obstacles and solutions with them. 

  • Be a cheerleader - Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and it gets to the best of us. Help them stay motivated by offering words of encouragement and inspiration. 

  • Donate a skill - Are you a marketer? A lawyer? An accountant? A  designer? There are so many skills that go into building a business. If you are in a position to, you can offer you services pro bono. 

  • Be a mentor - Are you able to provide long term support across all areas of their business? Do you want to build a longer term, meaningful relationship? Then mentorship may be for you! 

  • Organize a Company Program - Would you like to volunteer with your colleagues? Start an Impact Team and socialize with a purpose!

Vote for their Friends & Family Funding Campaign - if you know an entrepreneur who is competing for funding, help them win by voting for them. Or, just check out the current campaigns, and vote for your favorite.

How do I send a message?
Conversations occur through the “Orbit” and “Intercom” features. First, you must send an orbit request to a user. Once he/she/they accept, you can use “Intercom” to send a message.
How do I schedule a meeting?
 First, you must be “in orbit” (mutually following) the other user. Once in orbit, you can schedule meetings through the “Intercom” function.
How many times can I boost a pitch?
 Any member can only boost the same pitch once a day. Members can boost as many different pitches from different entrepreneurs on the same day as they wish.
What are Assists? How do they work?

Assists are a feature that allow entrepreneurs to create and post a card for other members to view, enabling them to receive rapid responses and fast feedback from supporters for a short period of time.

When creating a request, focus on the specific challenge you’re facing. For example, you may receive more responses and support when you ask for “How can I improve the business financials section of my Pitch?” vs. “Can someone review my pitch?

If you see opportunities to deepen your  engagement, Orbit the member and then Intercom them to ask for additional support.

How should I get started if I want to talk to an entrepreneur?
  1. Go to “Orbits” to see a list of recommended entrepreneur profiles to get connected with. Each profile will have a “score match” that uses logic based on skills and industry to show a user how good of a match the other user is. > 80: Great Match, 50 - 80: Good Match, less than 50 is Some Match.
  2. When you find an entrepreneur profile that you are interested in, send a request to Orbit. Once that entrepreneur accepts, you two will be “In Orbit.” 
  3. Being “In Orbit” unlocks the Intercom function, which allows you to send and receive messages from an entrepreneur. You can also set up meetings through Intercom.
How do I log hours?

Any activities you perform in the app will be automatically tracked.

If you take any meetings, exchange messages, or attend events outside the app, you’ll want to visit your launchpad, go to your icon in the upper right corner, and click “total time”. From there, you will see all the hours automatically tracked, and you can choose “Log Hours” to add more.