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How it Works


Complete A Profile

Whether you want to get support for your startup or give support by mentoring or advising young entrepreneurs, it all starts with creating your free profile so you can MESSAGE and MEET members.


Orbit and Collaborate

As a member of, you’ll be able to message, meet, and collaborate with other members to work on projects and complete business milestones that propel your business ideas forward.


Celebrate Your Wins!

Members develop valuable business skills and build meaningful relationships—all while building innovative businesses and increasing equity in entrepreneurship!

Meet Our

Nearly 40,000 underrepresented entrepreneurs have signed up to get help for businesses in all industries,including fashion, food, beauty, health and wellness, consulting, and more!


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How we can help you?

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Let’s talk about Business Skills...
The list of skills an entrepreneur needs is long and can be as simple as help in setting up a Google account, managing calendars, or creating a professional email signature to more complicated areas like setting up an LLC, working with manufacturers, or negotiating contracts.
What kind of needs do Entrepreneurs have?

These are the top five problems we hear from Sky’s the Limit Entrepreneurs:

  • “I don’t have anyone to talk to about my business.”

  • “I need help identifying next steps.” 

  • “I want to be held accountable for my goals and progress.”

  • “I don’t know how to make new sales.” 

  • “I’m looking for creative ways to fund my business.” 

I need help with the platform, is there anyone who can help me?
Yes! You can contact our Member Experience team at any time here. You can also attend one of our office hours sessions, which we offer twice a week and you can sign up here!
Are there other ways to get involved?

As a volunteer, there are so many different ways you can support an aspiring entrepreneur. Here are just a few of them… 

  • Make an Introduction - maybe you don’t have the experience or skills to help in a specific area, but do you know someone who does? Helping founders network by introducing them to your network can go a long way. 

  • Listen: provide a “safe zone” - The best mentors have  more questions than answers. Help an entrepreneur build confidence through judgement-free brainstorming. 

  • Give Feedback - Take a look at their business plan, profile, pitch etc., ask questions, help them identify gaps or find solid examples to follow. 

  • Help identify opportunities and obstacles - As they think through their options, you can help by brainstorming potential obstacles and solutions with them. 

  • Be a cheerleader - Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and it gets to the best of us. Help them stay motivated by offering words of encouragement and inspiration. 

  • Donate a skill - Are you a marketer? A lawyer? An accountant? A  designer? There are so many skills that go into building a business. If you are in a position to, you can offer you services pro bono. 

  • Be a mentor - Are you able to provide long term support across all areas of their business? Do you want to build a longer term, meaningful relationship? Then mentorship may be for you! 

  • Organize a Company Program - Would you like to volunteer with your colleagues? Start an Impact Team and socialize with a purpose!

Vote for their Friends & Family Funding Campaign - if you know an entrepreneur who is competing for funding, help them win by voting for them. Or, just check out the current campaigns, and vote for your favorite.