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Entrepreneurship For Everyone

Your support will help us continue to fuel thousands of entrepreneurial dreams. Check out some of the ways we're changing the universe of business!

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Changing the Local Landscape

Our community spans across continents, connecting a diverse tapestry of visionaries, thinkers, and creators. Together, we're building more than networks — we're forging the future of entrepreneurship on a global scale.

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Supporting Diverse Founders

According to the American Immigration Council, in the United States, nearly 188,000 refugee entrepreneurs were recorded in 2019 as generating $5.1 billion in business income. Find out how STL supports this amazing group of founders!

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Building Apps that Connect

STL's use of technology and data-driven strategies offers a fresh and effective approach to entrepreneurship development, making it an innovative partner for funders looking to invest in cutting-edge solutions for social impact.

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Ensuring a Legacy of Success

For over a decade, we've created a unique space where entrepreneurs from all walks of life -- including those from LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Disabled, Women, Veterans, Formerly Incarcerated and  Immigrant populations -- can thrive.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies build meaningful relationships and grow together.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every entrepreneur achieves their full potential.


Our 'Pathway to Business Ownership' curriculum and dedicate mentoring programs have not only helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach new milestones in their founding journeys -- they have also ignited stories of cross-sector innovation, resilience and community transformation. Here's how Sky's the Limit is making a real difference:

Educating over 60,000 Entrepreneurs

Our curriculum fosters a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of business leaders


1:1 and Group coaching means an average revenue increase and enhanced business stability, reflecting our deep commitment to individual success


Our efforts contribute to local economies, fueling business growth in all sectors


Ventures from our diverse founders range from tech startups to social enterprises, each grounded in a unique story


We're not just funding businesses; we're investing in community pillars that inspire future generations

Get to know the next generation of businesses in the Sky's the Limit community

Over 60,000 underrepresented entrepreneurs have signed up to get help for businesses in all industries, including technology, fashion, food, beauty, health and wellness, consulting, and more!


Identify as women


Identify as Black


Identify as people of color


Report low income

How We Work

Our Theory of Change Ensures Effective Philanthropy

At, we envision a world where every entrepreneur has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Through our mission to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies can build meaningful relationships and grow together, we activate our digital platform as a welcoming space where all our members can succeed. 

By connecting underrepresented entrepreneurs with their peers & volunteer business professionals for free one-on-one mentoring, offering comprehensive education and training, and providing monthly funding opportunities, we help amplify, nurture, and empower the next generation of brilliant ideas. As a result, our members feel inspired and included, benefit from unexpected connections, and work side-by-side to reach new heights of entrepreneurial success.

This empowerment and connectedness leads to a stronger and more vibrant community, where new businesses thrive, job opportunities are created, and innovative products and services emerge. Ultimately, our theory of change revolves around valuing and supporting the unique potential of every entrepreneur, igniting a chain reaction of growth, connection, and progress.





Education Level

Support our Education Level, the 'Launchpad,' to fuel entrepreneurs' journeys with essential business knowledge and skills.

In the world of entrepreneurship, the right education is a game-changer. Entrepreneurs who engage with structured, high-quality business education resources are significantly more likely to reach crucial business milestones compared to those navigating through unguided internet searches.

With a contribution of just $125, you can unlock this potential for an aspiring entrepreneur. Your support provides access to Sky's the Limit's premier "Pathway to Business Ownership" Curriculum—an Alternative MBA designed specifically for the unique challenges and opportunities faced by today's founders.

This curriculum isn't just about imparting knowledge; it's about laying the groundwork for sustainable growth, innovation, and impact. It's a comprehensive journey that equips entrepreneurs with the critical skills, insights, and confidence needed to transform their visions into thriving businesses.


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Guidance Gateway

Mentorship Level

Join our Mentorship Level, the 'Guidance Gateway,' to open doors of opportunity and growth for entrepreneurs through transformative mentorship.

Research shows entrepreneurs with robust social support are five times more likely to succeed.

Your contribution of $500 can sponsor six months of transformational mentorship, providing an entrepreneur with the guidance, expertise, and encouragement they need to flourish.

But why stop there? With a generous gift of $950, you can offer a full year of comprehensive mentorship. This includes access to invaluable social capital, hands-on problem solving, business development strategies, and even pro bono services to navigate the complex challenges of entrepreneurship.

Your investment in mentorship is not just a donation—it's a catalyst for change, innovation, and opportunity. It's a chance to form meaningful connections, share your knowledge, and witness the direct impact of your support on an entrepreneur's journey.

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Impact Accelerator

Investment Level

Contribute to our Investment Level, the 'Impact Accelerator,' to fast-track the success and scalability of promising enterprises.

Imagine turning $5,600 into a lifeline of opportunity, innovation, and community transformation.

Your investment does more than launch a business—it ignites a cycle of economic empowerment and job creation. Every dollar you invest in an entrepreneur catalyzes change, offering underserved talents the resources to build sustainable businesses, create jobs, and uplift communities. With $5,600, you can:

  • Equip an entrepreneur with essential startup capital, reducing the barrier to entry and setting the stage for success.
  • Provide comprehensive training and mentorship, ensuring the entrepreneur has the knowledge and support network to thrive.
  • Foster local economic development, as thriving businesses generate jobs, increase local spending, and stimulate further investment in the community


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Do Good. Together.

Your Philanthropic support today helps ensure entrepreneurs have the opportunity to have a transformative and deeply rewarding mentoring experience, access to business education, and start-up funding. Help us empower the next generation of business leaders, today.

Help someone make something great

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