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Where Vision
Meets Momentum

Sky's the Limit is a nonprofit organization that helps entrepreneurs unlock the full power of social capital, skilled mentoring and business funding to fuel their business dreams. We believe in the power of community to ignite and invest in groundbreaking ideas. Together, we can transform the business universe.

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Drive more impact with your corporate social responsibility strategy to enhance employee engagement, boost your corporate reputation and create transformational volunteer mentorship experiences. Elevate your game and tap into the latest insights - download your eBook today! 

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An entrepreneurial launchpad that unlocks the full power of social capital, skilled mentoring and entrepreneurialism -- right from your phone!

Our Story

The prevailing belief in entrepreneurship is that the value of an entrepreneur is the value of their business, not the entrepreneur themselves. This creates a system where an enormous amount of early-stage entrepreneurs who don’t come from privilege are ignored, because the system believes they aren’t inherently valuable. In contrast, Sky’s the Limit’s vision is a world where every entrepreneur is valued for who they are and has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a global community where all entrepreneurs and their allies can build meaningful relationships and grow together. Our digital solutions are a welcoming space where all our members can succeed. We help amplify, nurture and empower the next generation of brilliant ideas. Our members feel inspired and included, benefit from unexpected connections and work side-by-side to reach new heights.

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Investment in technology

Our Solution

Entrepreneurs with social support are 5X more likely to launch, grow, and stay in business. Our apps connect volunteer business professionals with entrepreneurs for virtual, one-on-one mentorship. Entrepreneurs also get access to free, members-only events, business guides, and regular funding opportunities.

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Investment in People

Our Impact

  • 60,000+ entrepreneurs educated through "Pathway to Business Ownership" curriculum
  • 11,000+ entrepreneurs supported through 1:1 mentoring and group coaching and support
  • 8,400 jobs created or sustained
  • 5,600+ new businesses created
  • $500K+ distributed in startup grants and funding

Meet Our

Over 60,000 entrepreneurs from backgrounds statistically underrepresented in entrepreneurship have chosen Sky's the Limit to help build their businesses alongside world-class mentors and peers!


Identify as women


Identify as Black


Identify as people of color


Report low income

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