For Entrepreneurs

How will I work with my advisor or mentor?

You can meet with your advisor or mentor by phone, video chat or in-person. You should discuss the best way to get in contact (email, text, phone) and how often you would like to meet.

Do I qualify for the skysthelimit.org program and services?

We accept underrepresented entrepreneurs ages 18-29 years old. If you are motivated and ready to work on your business, you qualify for our program.

Am I ready for an advisor or mentor?

Once accepted into the program, the only qualification for getting started with an advisor or mentor is that you’re ready to get to work! You can make a request to work on your business plan, meet with an advisor, or get a mentor on skysthelimit.org when you need help.

Are the services from skysthelimit.org free?

Currently our services are free for all entrepreneurs and volunteers! Although we may move to a subscription model in the future, we will always offer some level of support for free, and we are committed to keeping our resources accessible to those who need them most. We are a certified non-profit organization.

What is the Orientation process like?

The group orientation helps us learn about you and hear your passion for building a business. You’ll also meet other young Entrepreneurs in our program.

After you complete your profile and verify your contact information, our program team promptly reaches out to you about your eligibility and invites you to schedule an orientation. During your scheduled time, we chat with you about what led you to start a business and your business idea and tell you more about the support that will be available to you.

We want to work with entrepreneurs who want to work with us, so being punctual and ready is important.

I was accepted into the program. What should I do now?

Make a request for support when you’re ready to get to work. Also, fill out your business plan, explore skysthelimit.org and the resources available to you!

What is the commitment that I make as a member?

By joining our program, you are making the following commitment:1. Only request a match when you’re ready to actively work with one of our advisors and mentors. 2. When you’re matched, set up a meeting (by phone, video chat, or in-person) within three days with your advisor or mentor. Attend scheduled meetings on time. Provide 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule. 3. Rate your experience starting with your very first meeting.

Volunteer FAQs

What is the skysthelimit.org volunteer program?

skysthelimit.org provides a volunteer opportunity for experienced professionals who want to use their skills to impact the lives of entrepreneurial young people. Our volunteers help young entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. As a business advisor or mentor, you will be matched with someone based on your subject area interest and skillset. To read more, visit our volunteer page at: www.skysthelimit.org/volunteer

Am I a good fit for the skysthelimit.org volunteer program?

All advisors and mentors on skysthelimit.org should have: exceptional interpersonal & listening skills, multiple years of direct business experience, and the aptitude for developing skills in our young entrepreneurs. If you have more questions about volunteer fit, feel free to reach out to us at support@skysthelimit.org.

What are my options for volunteering?

Volunteers are encouraged to provide whatever level of commitment they can.

For instance, you can help as an advisor and provide short-term support for a young entrepreneur in a specific area of their business. This can involve as little as one hour for a single meeting, or can involve a considerable effort for a short time frame if the support offered is more involved (e.g. support in designing a website or advice on structuring their bookkeeping).

Or you might choose to develop longer engagements. Mentors work with entrepreneurs an average of one hour per week for a year, providing a combination of specific expertise and overall coaching and support. A mentoring relationship typically starts with a short-term project so that the volunteer and the entrepreneur have the opportunity to try the relationship on a smaller scale before advancing to a mentor/mentee relationship.

What are the time commitments for volunteering with skysthelimit.org?

By joining skysthelimit.org as a volunteer you are committing to:

1. Match with an entrepreneur when you have time for your first meeting within a week.

2. After matching with an entrepreneur, set up a meeting (by phone, video chat, or in-person) within three days. Attend scheduled meetings on time, or provide 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule. When you meet, try to decide when (or if) you'll meet again.

3. Rate your match regularly starting with your very first meeting.