Service Development

How to Provide Customer Service

At this point, you’ve found someone who has a problem and convinced them that you are the right person to help them. They have requested a quote, or made some sort of contact.

How will you provide your services to your customers?

All service-based businesses are very different. Use the general guidelines below to help you design your own process for how you will provide your services to customers.

  • Initial contact with a potential customer

  • Decide if you need to have an initial consult with your potential customer. Offering free consultations can help you build trust and even provide an opportunity to upsell.

    • Book initial consult to evaluate if they are fit to receive your services

    • Travel to client, meet client at predetermined location

      • Conduct initial consult

      • Collect basic client information

      • Do you require any paperwork/legal forms?

    • Decide if the client is a good fit for your business

      • No - send thank you email with explanation for lack of fit

      • Yes - follow the steps below

  • Decide if your customers can book you without an initial consult

  • Show gratitude: Send a thank you email and welcome customer to your business

  • Book appointment to deliver services, this will be impacted by how you decide to sell your services

    • Can they book online only, or can they also book through email or call?

  • Deliver your services

    • Decide where you will deliver your services

      • Will you travel to the client in their home

      • Will you travel to meet the client at a predetermined location

      • Will the client travel to you

    • Dress for success: Project your own business image well while dressing at least as formally as your customers

    • Confirm your checklist for any tools/equipment you many need to bring

    • Deliver services

  • After you deliver your services

    • Send a thank you email and thank the customer for their business

      • Include a special offer or freebie in exchange for review

      • Include a special offer or freebie in exchange for referrals

What is important about how you provide your services to customers?

Now that you’ve generated your first few clients it’s time to do the work. It’s important that you regularly go above and beyond when you deliver your services, especially for your first few clients. Providing consistently excellent work will lead to strong testimonials you can place on your website, and potentially even referral work.

Pro Tip

It’s important to remember that this is a long-term game and all about consistency. Keep at it and you will see success.