Do you want to work daily with underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs and help make their business dreams a reality?

Position: Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Location: Remote / work from home (Note: there may be limited travel to meet with the team in SF Bay Area)

The direct impact of this role is huge - you will enable young people to build businesses, develop skills, gain confidence, and make money from their business ideas while creating jobs for themselves and others in the community. 

About Skysthelimit.org

At Skysthelimit.org (STL), we’re a highly-ambitious tech nonprofit. There aren’t too many like us - we combine the pace, feel, and Lean Startup approach of a tech startup with the business model of a mission-driven nonprofit. Our mission is to empower underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs to achieve their own goals for their businesses - resulting in new companies, new jobs, and new products & services that strengthen our local economies across the nation and eventually the globe. And the key to our work is developing our entrepreneurs’ social capital through meaningful, one-on-one support.

We have a diverse community of young entrepreneurs: 99% ages 18 to 29, 95% across the US in over 40 states, 70% female, 80% people of color, and the majority are low-income when they join our program. They are building businesses across many industries: clothing, food, beauty, the trades, and a large variety of services businesses. We primarily help our entrepreneurs build tech-enabled small businesses, although we do have freelancers and some high growth startups too. 

We’re backed by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) through a multi-million, multi-year grant to build & operate our own mentoring platform & program for underserved young entrepreneurs, while also whitelabeling our platform for other organizations who support entrepreneurs. We’ve got a completely remote team of 15 developers and five on the fundraising, marketing, and program teams across three states and three countries. Our board of directors includes:

  • Nicolas Cary, Co-founder and Vice Chairman at Blockchain

  • Fabio Rosati, former CEO at Upwork (Nasdaq: UPWK)

  • Rick Wade, VP of Strategic Alliances at US Chamber of Commerce

About the Role: 

With nearly 1,000 aspiring, underserved young entrepreneurs signing up on the Skysthelimit.org platform each month, you’ll easily leverage our digital platform to identify, meet with (by phone and video chat primarily), and help young entrepreneurs tackle their business challenges and accomplish key milestones. You’ll also be able to effectively leverage our 500+ volunteer business advisors and mentors who come from leading Fortune 500 companies like Google, Accenture, eBay, Amazon - as well as a community of experienced small business owners and operators. STL also has a growing entrepreneurship elearning curriculum, called Pathway to Business Ownership, which supports our mentoring and advising work. And our startup grants program, called Friends & Family Fund, provides up to $2,500 to young entrepreneurs who are selected by our community of volunteers, donors, and other young entrepreneurs each month.

Key Daily Goals

Every day, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence will work to achieve the following through email, in-app messaging, texting, phone calls, meetings, etc.:

  • Review all completed profiles daily on the platform (approx 15 per day)

  • For new Full Members, contact at least 20 per day primarily through in-app messaging and either: 

    • Decide if you want to personally work with them, offer to have an intro meeting in which you get to know the entrepreneur and help them tackle a discrete business obstacle, help them use a tool from our Pathway elearning content, etc., or;

    • Recommend a match for the entrepreneur from our community of mentors

  • For matched Full Members, contact at least 10 per day to check on how their matches are going, make recommendations, and ensure their satisfaction with our program and platform. This is also an opportunity to check on their business progress and record their responses.

  • For all community members, respond to support emails as needed, including recommending our Pathway to Business Ownership resources to entrepreneurs and volunteers, as needed.

  • Identify entrepreneurs who would be good candidates for our Friends & Family funding opportunities

  • Identify members, both entrepreneurs and volunteers, who we should spotlight in our marketing and newsletter

  • Gather and track impact metrics

Desired Skills, Mindset, and Experience:

  • Hustle and Grit - We believe in work/life balance, but we’re also a team of high performers who pitch in where needed and believe in what we’re building. We need you to have the same approach to work that we do. 

  • Experience starting and managing a business, particularly a small business

  • Excellent communicator with diverse communities regardless of the medium (e.g., written communications, phone, video chat, etc.) 

  • Passionate about building relationships and seeing young entrepreneurs thrive

  • Superior coaching skills exhibiting politeness, patience, empathy and inclusivity for a diverse community of members

  • Self-directed, disciplined, able to work on your own in a remote working environment, with the ability to work independently in a fast-paced changing environment, previous experience working remotely is highly desired

  • Strong attention to detail and excellent time management and organizational skills

  • A “connector” mindset

  • A strong belief in our mission

Compensation: $3k/mo, contract