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Aaron Robles


About my business

Fort Wayne | IN
FOUNDER, Founders Spark

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That Entrepreneurial Spark

Like Sky’s the Limit itself, Founders Spark in the business of supporting entrepreneurs. Aaron Robles started Founders Spark because he knew firsthand what it was like to feel unsupported. He came to the United States as a child, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. That status left gaps between what services he needed and what he was able to obtain, and he used entrepreneurship to fill in those gaps. Like many other Sky’s the Limit entrepreneurs, Aaron feels that his personal struggles have made him a better entrepreneur. 

“This made me turn to entrepreneurship as a means of survival that has built my tenacity and problem-solver attitude towards business and life.”

An Early Mentor

In high school, Aaron attended a vocational school where he met a graphic design teacher who instilled in him the confidence to invest in and hone his skills. She pushed him to practice his craft and also showed him how to make money using these talents. When it came time for him to think about starting a business, he already had the tools to know where to start.

“I had a teacher, Karen Gillie, who saw my potential and opened up my world to the possibilities of making money through graphic design.”


So many parts of growing up that many Americans take for granted weren’t available to Aaron. He couldn’t legally drive or work for a long time, but through DACA, he was finally able to do both when he was 24. He qualified to be a 21st Century Scholar (a program that provides college tuition and support) but he couldn’t accept it because it is a government-funded program. Not being able to get a job and paying for college out of pocket led Aaron to consider being his own boss. In his first year, he got grant money from Sky’s the Limit, and now Founders Spark is having a successful third year. One of the company’s main goals is to lift up other entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds.

“We aim to grow our business into a national content producer. We recently launched a new podcast, Heart of the Hustle, and are working on some educational courses for entrepreneurs everywhere.”

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