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Success Stories

Alice Hong


About my business

Founded by Edgewood String Quartet’s violinist Alice Hong in 2023, Luxardo Entertainment Group LLC is revolutionizing the live music experience and the classical music experience through collaborations with artists, corporations and other fields of expertise to create breathtaking immersive experiences. 

Alice was driven to create her business based on her desire to make Atlanta a more musical place, starting with making chamber music experiences more accessible, available and memorable through unique, curated immersive concert experiences.  The power of such experiences provides a multi-sensory stimulation and a sanctuary away from every day stresses. 

Atlanta | GA

My Mentors

  • De'Shera Benton, Founder of D. Milan Hospitality
  • Chelsea Harvey, Sr. Business Analyst at PNC Bank

Business milestones achieved

  • Business Plan
  • Funding
  • First customer
  • Tested idea
  • Manufactured first products and ready to sell them

Business mentoring story

The complexities of developing a process for sponsors, especially when just starting out, can be challenging. Chelsea was excited to the land a sponsor for her business, but she wasn't sure what to do next. It was critical to get done right to secure future funding and create a lasting relationship. Not to mention, one sponsor could lead to even more sponsors, so what she did next would pave the way for her business.

She reached out to Chelsea Harvey, Sr. Business Analyst at PNC Bank to guide her through what needed to be done. Chelsea joined Sky's the Limit to help entrepreneurs like Alice in the early stages of their businesses. Building upon Chelsea's experience, she was able to provide Alice with what she was looking for.

"Chelsea Harvey was incredibly helpful in teaching me how to navigate communication with a sponsor once they agreed to a sponsorship!" said Alice.

Her experience with Chelsea was invaluable. After talking with Chelsea, now she was well-equipped to build her communication for this sponsor and for her entire sponsorship program.

Beyond the support of Chelsea, Alice has worked with several Sky's the Limit mentors, giving her the support she needed along the way – including accomplishing milestones. By achieving these five milestones, she transformed her business from a vision to reality.

"We have an actual event coming up on June 2 that I think will be a beautiful representation of what Luxardo Entertainment Group is all about. I get the thrill of receiving purchase confirmation emails on a daily basis as people purchase tickets to our premiere concert. I was able to take the first leap of faith in creating this first event with so much more confidence having completed these crucial steps with an expert," said Alice.

Luxardo Entertainment Group also benefited from the peer mentorship of De'Shera Benton, Founder of D. Milan Hospitality. Said Chelsea, "De'Shera helped me shape my vision into something that was obtainable and manageable, and I was able to confidently move forward with executing my first immersive concert event: White Canvas Concerts, marrying live music and projection art in one stunning package." She also introduced Alice to IFundWomen, which she found was a much better fit for her and has begun fundraising on it for Infinity Concerts.

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