Success Story: Andrew Floreza


HELPING FOOD TRUCK | Food Service | Oakland, CA

Andrew Floreza.jpeg

“I am a lifelong restauranteur opening my own small business with a purpose.”

What or who inspires you?  

I believe that it is my life’s purpose to help those around me, and to inspire and motivate the youth around me to strive toward building stronger communities by taking action on a personal level with those they interact with on a daily basis.

What are your dreams for the future:

I see this concept as a seed that has the potential to expand and be implemented in other communities and businesses in cities around the world. This seed will grow into a shift in mindset for those that it is impacted by toward conscious positive human interactions. These interactions are essential in creating connections with our community and building a stronger, healthier world. In addition to providing plant powered healthy meals, guests can buy a meal for someone in need and pay it forward... Helping will help feed those in need!

How has helped you on your journey?

Business was challenged by some mechanical issues including a generator replacement that put us back $4,000. Hardest thing I’ve ever done and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much!

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