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Success Stories

Danielle Melton


About my business

Danielle is the Founder of MOTHERboard Society, a tech-enabled subscription program designed to combat burnout and promote self-care and wellness among working mothers through holistic programming.

"My background is in Executive Leadership in education. Although I was excited about the success of my career, I struggled work-life balance and felt overwhelmed in my working mom journey. I noticed that I was not surrounding myself with people who understood my struggles of wanting to do well in my career, life, and motherhood. I needed community. So as I began searching for a community that understood my juggles and struggles as a working mother and I couldn't find what I needed, I decided to create it. That is what MOTHERboard Society (MBS) is all about," Danielle told us.

She added, "Studies show that 92% of working mothers don't feel supported by their community. So knowing that MBS is that community we working mothers truly need is all the motivation I need to keep going!"

Tulsa | OK
Founder, MOTHERboard Society

My Mentors

  • Mia Long, Associate Manager at Accenture
  • Laura Plato, Chief Operating Officer at Sky’s the Limit
  • Lauren Bates, Director, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit
  • Chris Harvey, Manager, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit

Business milestones achieved

  • Business Plan
  • Funding
  • Tested idea

Business mentoring story

Danielle Melton's journey with MOTHERboard Society has been significantly enriched by the mentorship of several remarkable individuals who have become invaluable thinking partners in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

With her desire to support entrepreneurs in the planning stage of their business, Mia Long from Accenture was a great fit for Danielle. They worked closely on improving MOTHERboard Society's pitch deck. Mia's insights prompted Danielle to delve deeper into understanding the specific needs, challenges, and aspirations of their target audience—working mothers. This refined focus enabled her to tailor her services effectively and create a more aligned marketing plan. Mia's expertise has been instrumental in positioning MOTHERboard Society for faster customer acquisition and growth. By honing in on a specific audience,  Danielle was also able to amplify her message.

Chris Harvey played a pivotal role in connecting Danielle to Sky's the Limit and introducing her to Lauren Bates and Laura Plato. His support and guidance have been instrumental in helping Danielle gain sales traction, a crucial step in the growth of her business.

Laura Plato's mentorship was around a global perspective, encouraging Danielle to think beyond borders in her business. Additionally, Laura has been an essential brainstorming partner, particularly in the realm of fundraising. Her guidance and ideas have been instrumental in helping Danielle secure her first grant, a significant milestone for MOTHERboard Society.

Lauren Bates’ mentorship has extended beyond business pitches. She has been a driving force behind helping Danielle refine her pitch and connect with individuals who can fortify this aspect of her venture. 

Together, her mentors have not only provided invaluable advice but have also created a supportive environment for Danielle to explore ideas and tackle challenges. Their combined expertise and unwavering commitment have been critical in propelling MOTHERboard Society toward success, and Danielle is deeply grateful for their ongoing guidance and partnership.

With the support of her mentors, Danielle Melton won a $2,500 grant from Sky’s the Limit at an in-person event in Tulsa. This grant serves as a testament to her dedication and the potential of MOTHERboard Society. It not only provides vital financial support but also validates the impact of her work in promoting self-care and wellness among working mothers. This achievement further strengthens her resolve to continue making a positive difference in the lives of working mothers and underscores the importance of the mentorship and guidance she has received along the way.

"Completing the milestone of refining our target audience has been a pivotal moment for advancing MOTHERboard Society. Being clear about who we target allowed me to get extremely granular with our marketing tactics. Instead of a broad-based approach, we can now focus our resources and messaging to directly address the unique challenges and needs of working mothers, our core audience. This specificity enhances the effectiveness of our campaigns, making our customer acquisition process more efficient and cost-effective. The clarity we've achieved has thus set the stage for accelerated growth and is integral to our plan for swift customer acquisition in the upcoming marketing round," said Danielle.

Danielle acknowledges that her mentors, including Mia Long and Lauren Bates, played a crucial role in her success. They provided invaluable assistance in honing her pitch deck, a foundational tool for attracting future investors. Their guidance and unwavering support have been transformative, propelling MOTHERboard Society toward its mission of supporting working mothers. Danielle expresses immense gratitude for their enduring encouragement and mentorship.

Danielle Melton's journey with MOTHERboard Society exemplifies how the right mentorship and a clear vision can lead to remarkable success in the world of entrepreneurship. Her dedication to improving the lives of working mothers is an inspiration to all.

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