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Success Stories

De'Shera Benton


About my business

De'Shera Benton is the founder of D. Milan Hospitality, a dynamic and visionary brand dedicated to empowering individuals to live their dream lives. As the parent company of two business entities, Wow God!® Movement + Apparel and De'Shera Milan, the Coach & Speaker, D. Milan Hospitality offers a range of services including individual coaching, group coaching, business coaching, training presentations, inspirational speaking services & events, virtual courses, e-books and books, and inspirational apparel.

De'Shera's company believes in the transformative power of embracing one's true potential, aligning actions with passions and values, and overcoming obstacles to achieve personal growth and fulfillment. Through her inclusive community, inspiring content, and practical guidance, she strives to be a catalyst for positive change, guiding individuals on a journey towards their dream life with authenticity, transparency, and unwavering support.

McDonough | GA
Founder, D. Milan Hospitality

My Mentors

  • Eileen Kowalski, Senior VP, National Recurring Field Exam Manager at PNC Bank
  • Maria Garcia Belton, Senior Marketing Manager at PNC Bank
  • Roberto Beltran, Analytics Manager at Accenture

Business milestones achieved

  • Business Website
  • First customer
  • Tested idea
  • Designed product/service
  • First customer testimonial or review

Business mentoring story

During her path as an entrepreneur, De'Shera has been fortunate to receive guidance and expertise from extraordinary individuals who have been instrumental in her success. Eileen Kowalski, Senior VP, National Recurring Field Exam Manager at PNC Bank, Maria Garcia Belton, Senior Marketing Manager at PNC Bank, and Roberto Beltran, Analytics Manager at Accenture, have played instrumental roles in her success.

Eileen Kowalski, with her extensive experience in asset-based lending and banking, worked closely with De'Shera to organize her business and implement efficient systems, consistency, and continuity across all her brands. Eileen's guidance helped De'Shera visualize her business as a corporation, emphasizing the importance of focusing on growing one entity at a time and mastering each before moving on to the next. Under Eileen's mentorship, De'Shera purchased two separate websites to promote her coaching business and apparel business, implementing operating systems that have streamlined her business operations.

Maria Garcia Belton, a senior marketing manager at PNC Bank, provided De'Shera with valuable insights into marketing strategies and techniques. Maria emphasized the significance of developing a brand story and identifying a niche market. With Maria's guidance, De'Shera gained a deeper understanding of brand awareness and the importance of showcasing her apparel products at events and pop-ups. Following Maria's advice, De'Shera became a vendor at a major event with over 500 attendees, resulting in increased sales and significant brand exposure.

Roberto Beltran, an e-commerce website owner and digital marketing expert, mentored De'Shera on the importance of a defined e-commerce website and digital marketing channels. Roberto's expertise helped De'Shera enhance her website and effectively utilize digital marketing and social media ads. As a result of Roberto's guidance, De'Shera successfully executed a marketing campaign that reached over 16,000 impressions, expanding her brand's reach and visibility.

Completing various milestones has been crucial for De'Shera's progress in her business. From acquiring her first customer and testing her ideas to designing her products and services and launching a business website, each milestone has provided her with a sense of accomplishment and motivated her to continue pushing forward. Additionally, receiving her first customer testimonial has validated her efforts and strengthened her credibility in the industry.

Through the guidance of her mentors and the completion of significant milestones, De'Shera Benton has made remarkable strides in her entrepreneurial journey. With her unwavering determination, commitment to personal growth, and the ongoing support of her mentors, De'Shera continues to empower individuals to live their dream lives through D. Milan Hospitality, inspiring positive change and fostering a community of authenticity and transformation. The sky is truly the limit for De'Shera and her business, and she is excited to continue making a lasting impact on the lives of others.

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