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Success Stories

Erick Donaldson


About my business

Erick Donaldson is the Founder of 99 BXNG, a luxury group fitness boxing studio that revolutionizes fitness through its High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes and personalized one-on-one training for the whole family. From his college days, Erick knew he possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by his competitive nature developed as a college and professional athlete. Drawing inspiration from his mother's entrepreneurial ventures, Erick embarked on a mission to create a fitness experience that blends luxury, innovation and community.

Erick's relentless motivation stems from his unwavering competitive spirit and an inner drive that compels him to keep striving for success in every endeavor he undertakes. He also told us with a laugh that a bit of stubbornness doesn't hurt. This determination fuels his day-to-day efforts in developing and growing 99 BXNG.

Tulsa | OK

My Mentors

  • Lauren Bates, Director, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit
  • Chris Harvey, Manager, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit
  • Edwin Valentin, Project/Program Manager at New Era Technology; Project/Program Manager previously at Accenture

Business milestones achieved

  • Funding
  • Designed product/service

Business mentoring story

Erick found invaluable guidance and support through his mentors, who played critical roles in his entrepreneurial journey.

Edwin Valentin, a seasoned Project/Program Manager with experience at New Era Technology and Accenture, volunteered at Sky's the Limit since November 2020. Edwin served as a sounding board for Erick's ideas, helping him structure thoughts, prioritize goals and strengthen his business plans and financial strategies.

Chris Harvey holds significant credit for Erick's involvement with Sky's the Limit. As the first person Erick met in the organization, Chris pointed him in the right direction, connecting him with essential resources and individuals who could assist him in his venture. Chris's expertise in social media marketing is invaluable for Erick's business.

Lauren Bates, Director of Member Experience at Sky's the Limit, has been instrumental in guiding Erick on various aspects of his business. Currently, she is helping him design fitness apparel, and she has also introduced him to potential investors and advisors, further propelling his progress.

Erick Donaldson's engagement with Sky's the Limit and the support he received from his mentors have been transformative for his entrepreneurial aspirations. Edwin Valentin's insights helped Erick prioritize and refine his business plans, setting him on a trajectory for growth and success. Chris Harvey's guidance and network connections opened doors for Erick, enabling him to explore new opportunities and move his business forward. Lauren Bates' involvement has been equally invaluable, offering assistance in product design and valuable introductions to potential investors.

Erick expresses immense gratitude for the impact his mentors have had on his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing that their support has been instrumental in pushing his business forward. While the road to success may be challenging, Erick believes that perseverance and a steadfast belief in one's dreams are essential qualities for aspiring entrepreneurs. He shared with us on what he would tell someone starting out, "I would say you are not alone in the struggle of trying to accomplish your dreams. Keep believing and keep fighting because if you feel like you have something worth fighting for, then don't give up when it gets hard."  

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