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Success Stories

Erin Logan


About my business

W & W Galleria was created five years ago by Founder Erin Logan to allow women to express themselves. Originally a hair company known for its quality custom wigs, the company added to its product lines in 2021 and began making and selling  jewelry and clothing. While hair may be completely different from jewelry and clothes, W&W's  core values remain the same. W&W Galleria believes in treating yourself, and even "being a little selfish". Founder Erin says that while it may be a hard concept to accept, every woman deserves to be a little selfish every now and again and deserves to have beautiful clothes and jewelry that she can wear everyday, including unique, handcrafted and comfortable clothes and jewelry that the buyer can feel confident hasn't been made under unsavory conditions. Erin also believes that every woman deserves to wear jewelry that also has the power to heal you and bring you peace, so that all her customers can be the amazing individuals she knows them to be. W&W prides itself on a non-judgmental environment  where everyone is worthy and no one ever has to choose between being themselves or looking like someone else. 


Turnersville | NJ

My Mentors

  • Sonia Reeder, Underwriter II at PNC Bank
  • Karolina Manka, Training Manager at Accenture

Business milestones achieved

  • Tested idea
  • Designed product/service

Business mentoring story

Erin Logan, the founder of W&W Galleria in Maryland, began her business journey 5 years ago as a maker of custom wigs. Since then, she's undergone a major business transformation, and while W&W now sells jewelry and custom clothing, it remains true to its roots as a business that cares deeply about female empowerment. As a Sky's the Limit member, Erin has had the opportunity to work with some amazing mentors and entrepreneurs, including Sonia Reeder and Karolina Manka.

Sonia is an Underwriter within Real Estate Banking at PNC, and brought to her mentor engagement with Erin over 25 years of banking experience working at all levels within commercial real estate. She's an avid volunteer who serves with Sky's the Limit as a business mentor, as well as lending her time to numerous other local nonprofits in her area. Karolina, a Testing Manager at Accenture by day, also holds an MA in piano and was a piano player and teacher for many years. She brings this creative energy to all her mentoring engagements, as well as a flexible mindset that allows her to bring perspective to entrepreneurs going through times of growth and change.  She also helps her sister with her own small company and leverages these experiences and expertise in the field of marketing as a Sky's the Limit mentor. Both mentors, from such different backgrounds, were able to support Erin in moving her business goals and dreams forward.

Erin has accomplished several business milestones working with these mentors, including testing out new ideas and designing new products and services. Completing these milestones has given her the confidence to really promote her business and reach new customers.

Sonia and Karolina were instrumental in helping Erin brainstorm different ideas to help promote her business and bring in more sales. Erin reports that both mentors were "amazing!" at sharing ideas and talking her through any ideas or questions that she had. With their help, Erin was able to build her confidence and try different product ideas to truly get her brand seen.

Erin has also been able to make progress in her quest to secure additional funding for her business. She successfully pursued and obtained a business credit card thanks to their guidance, and reports that she is incredibly grateful for the time, energy, and expertise that her mentors have shared with her, and says she looks forward to continuing to learn and grow with their help.

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