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Success Stories

Kimberly Parris


About my business

'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company is a  snack and prepared food subscription box brand, dedicated to bridging the equity gap for underrepresented food entrepreneurs. With a mission to spotlight BIPOC and women-owned businesses, the company curates innovative and fun snacking options.

Kimberly Parris, the founder, brings over 13 years of culinary expertise and a passion for promoting diversity in the culinary world. She envisions a future where 100% of their products and vendors are sourced from local BIPOC and women-owned businesses. The company doesn't just stop at highlighting these businesses but also provides a safe space for them to receive comprehensive assistance in starting and scaling their ventures.

Kimberly's journey began in the Prepared Foods Department of Whole Foods Market, where she found her passion for promoting diversity. Throughout her career, she became a trailblazer, breaking barriers and empowering others like her, realizing that her experiences were not unique.

“I’ve been a professional chef for over 13 years. I started out working in the Prepared Foods Department of Whole Foods Market and was blessed to be surrounded by passionate, talented people who looked just like me. I’ve always wanted to make a difference, to highlight others like me, as a Black woman, in spaces that rarely featured us. Throughout my career, I became an unintentional trailblazer, in that I was almost always the only Black woman chef in the restaurants I worked for. In my last restaurant, I became the first Black woman chef de cuisine they’d ever had, and I realized that my experience could not possibly be unique,” said Kimberly.

New York | NY

My Mentors

  • Kristine Pelletier, Senior Technology Delivery Leader at Accenture
  • Jill Campbell, Owner/Founder/Chief of Staff at Arrowpoint Strategy Consulting
  • Parker Bushey, Senior Application Development Analyst at Accenture
  • Amy Peters, Solutions Delivery Leader at Dow

Business milestones achieved

  • Business Plan
  • Funding
  • Tested idea

Business mentoring story

Kristine Pelletier, Senior Technology Delivery Leader at Accenture, utilized her extensive knowledge and expertise in the technology industry which was instrumental in helping Kimberly. Her support in the Sky's the Limit Pitch Competition provided valuable insights, refining Kimberly's pitch and enhancing her approach. With Kristine's guidance, Kimberly emerged victorious, securing the first position in the competition.

Parker Bushey, also opened new avenues for 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company through his recommendation of increasing website traffic through SEO.

Pulling from her experience at Dow, Amy Peters, Solutions Delivery Leader was able to provide invaluable coaching for Kimberly. Together with Kristine, Amy provided encouragement and constructive feedback, enabling Kimberly to fine-tune her pitch and business strategy. Their mentorship propelled Kimberly towards success, giving her the confidence needed to move forward.

Owner/Founder/Chief of Staff at Arrowpoint Strategy Consulting, Jill's 30+ years of marketing and communications expertise, including the specialty food & beverage industry, aligned with the help Kimberly was looking for. Jill's extensive knowledge and strategic insights helped Kimberly navigate the challenges of her soft market launch. Jill not only provided a wealth of resources but also became an invaluable mentor, offering support and ideas. Her mentorship played a pivotal role in securing 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company's first corporate inquiry, setting the stage for future successes.

Kimberly told us, "Jill Campbell was extremely helpful as a Sky's the Limit mentor as well. She gave me a plethora of resources and ideas as I was preparing to launch in my soft market. Her skill set is unmatched!"

She's also grateful for the support she received from Lauren Bates, Director, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit and De'Shera Benton, Founder of D. Milan Hospitality, who believed in her from their first encounter.

Kimberly's mentors were more than mentors; they were champions, cheerleaders, and invaluable guides on her entrepreneurial journey. Their support not only helped her secure the victory in the Sky's the Limit Pitch Competition but also paved the way for 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company's hard launch. With newfound confidence, a refined pitch, and armed with resources and ideas, Kimberly is now poised for success, ready to bridge the equity gap and empower countless other entrepreneurs like herself.

 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company stands as a testament to the power of mentorship and collaboration, proving that when visionaries like Kimberly are supported, there's no limit to what they can achieve. With the unwavering support of mentors who believed in her dream and helped turn it into a thriving reality, Kimberly is taking her business to the next level.

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