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Success Stories

Mark Wright


About my business

Mark Wright is the founder of TRANUTRA, a health and wellness platform revolutionizing the way individuals transform their lives and communities. With a mission to curb unwholesomeness and inspire people to prioritize their health, TRANUTRA, the acronym for Train Nutrify Transform has become a beacon of positive change.

As a chef, health coach and bestselling author, Mark has spent over two decades traveling the globe refining his skills alongside several highly reputable culinary experts. Mark's unwavering dedication led him to establish TRANUTRA as a comprehensive platform for anyone seeking a transformative journey. Through engaging missions, users are motivated to adopt healthy habits and earn points. These points can then be redeemed for cash rewards or exciting prizes, making health and wellness an enjoyable and rewarding experience

Driven by his desire to promote health and longevity, Mark pursued studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, becoming a certified health coach. His dedication to holistic well-being led him to establish TRANUTRA Inc., his first company as a chef and owner. Additionally, he founded Executive Gourmet Creations, a gourmet event catering company, further expanding his culinary reach.

Mark's extensive training, exposure to diverse cultures, and culinary lens cultivated his deep understanding of various food consumers' needs. His culinary repertoire spans countries such as Guyana, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Canada, South Africa, and numerous cities in the USA and Europe. Through his bestselling book, Healing Our Community One Recipe at a Time: A Prescription for Healing Health and Longevity, Mark shares his vast culinary knowledge and passion for healthy living.

TRANUTRA, under Mark's visionary leadership, is not just a platform; it's a movement. Mark envisions a world where individuals take charge of their well-being and actively contribute to healthier communities. By incentivizing and empowering users to embrace positive lifestyle changes, TRANUTRA is paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant future.

 Mark is excited to use his platform and company to initiate conversations about healing, health and community. His vision is to empower individuals by providing culinary education, promoting healthy living and transforming lives one recipe at a time. With his exceptional skills, expertise, and unwavering dedication, Mark Wright is leading the way in inspiring individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle and make a positive impact on their communities through the power of nutrition and wellness.

Miami | FL

My Mentors

  • Kevin Deverell, Delivery Manager at Accenture
  • Munira Gandhi, Data and AI Leader at Accenture
  • Wes Chappell, Principal at WestSouthCo LLC

Business milestones achieved

  • Bank Account
  • Business Plan
  • Funding
  • Business Website
  • Hired employee, vendor or independent contractor

Business mentoring story

Mark has been fortunate to receive guidance from remarkable mentors who have played a pivotal role in his entrepreneurial journey. Kevin Deverell, an experienced Delivery Manager at Accenture, brought his expertise in digital product management to the table. Kevin's background in working with startups and corporate companies enabled him to guide Mark from the ideation phase to product development and market launch. Another influential mentor for Mark was Wes Chappell, a Principal at WestSouthCo LLC, with extensive experience in the consulting and coaching industry. Wes's passion for supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses made him an invaluable mentor to Mark. Kevin and Wess were key in helping Mark's team view the project through the eyes of investors by refining platform expenses breakdown, business model and funding strategies. Munira Gandhi, a Data and AI Leader at Accenture, also offered her expertise to Mark, providing invaluable support in areas such as app development costing and creating a minimum viable product (MVP).

The guidance provided by Kevin, Wes, and Munira was instrumental in shaping Mark's success. They collaborated closely with Mark, refining his pitch deck for funding and enhancing the business plan, website and social media presence. Their expertise and insights helped TRANUTRA secure a better trajectory towards achieving its goals and attracting investors.

By integrating the milestones as a business checklist and accountability coach, Mark incorporated them into TRANUTRA's business model. This implementation ensured that the team remained focused and on track, continually striving towards their vision.

Furthermore, with support with Sky's the Limit community, Mark won the Friends & Family grant from Sky's the Limit, which played a significant role in the successful launch of TRANUTRA. 

Lauren, from Sky's the Limit, also played a crucial role by connecting Mark with dedicated volunteers and mentors who offered valuable advice and guidance throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Through the collective efforts of mentors, supporters, and a passionate team, Mark Wright has paved the way for TRANUTRA's growth and success. His commitment to transforming lives and communities through health and wellness has made a profound impact, creating a brighter and healthier future for individuals and society as a whole.

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