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Success Stories

Shakoure Char


About my business

Showcases|3D is an innovative ecommerce platform that offers panoramic plazas representing cities from around the world. Each plaza is an immersive 360/3D space filled with artistic scenes, games, shops and chat options. Shakoure Char, a native New Yorker with a background in behavioral science, recognized the potential of interactive content, VR and immersive experiences in the media industry. In 2015, he started a small production company specializing in photo, videography and media production.

Driven by his curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, Shakoure explored the future of virtual media and realized the lack of a centralized platform that could present and socialize millions of virtualized spaces. Building upon his experience in entrepreneurship programs and bootstrapping, Shakoure launched a beta version of Showcases|3D, becoming the first Black startup founder to develop a Metaverse/Travel platform. With his passion for tech and visual storytelling, he aims to revolutionize the way people experience and explore virtual spaces.
New York | NY

My Mentors

  • Lauren Bates, Director, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit
  • Alex Veseliy, Software Engineer at Accenture
  • Robertino Diego, Product Partnerships Lead at Checkr
  • Chris Miller, Entrepreneur

Business milestones achieved

  • Tested idea
  • Designed product/service

Business mentoring story

Shakoure Char has been fortunate to have the guidance and support of several mentors who have played pivotal roles in moving his business forward. Among them are Alex Veseliy, Robertino Diego, Chris Miller and Lauren Chin Bates.

Alex Veseliy, a Software Engineer at Accenture LLC, brought his creativity, determination, temperance and resilience to the mentoring relationship. Leveraging his technical background and experience in commercial and non-commercial startups, Alex supported Shakoure through his technical issues. By sharing his expertise, he helped Shakoure overcome obstacles and move his business forward.

Chris Miller is an entrepreneur with a self-made background. Chris's personal experience of navigating life alone and his passion for cars and mechanics instilled in him a desire to help others find their path earlier in life.  His experience with Accenture and Google provided invaluable insights on strategy and operational focus for Shakoure's business.

As business owner and with his work at a tech startup, Robertino Diego provided analytical feedback and suggestions on Shakoure's early endeavors. His guidance and business acumen helped shape Showcases|3D, ensuring a solid foundation.

Lauren Chin Bates was helpful in steering Shakoure in the right direction when it came to Sky's the Limit opportunities, providing him with resources to make significant progress on his business. 

Shakoure Char's mentors played instrumental roles in his entrepreneurial journey, offering invaluable feedback and guidance. Although it is challenging to quantify their impact in terms of growth or sales since Showcases|3D had not yet launched fully, the ideas and realizations that emerged from their discussions were indeed valuable.

"The advice and guidance I received on a number of issues were instrumental in minimizing trial & error on a number of issues," Shakoure told us.

Thanks to the mentorship provided by Alex, Robertino, Chris and Lauren, Shakoure Char's Showcases|3D is on a promising trajectory. Although the specific impact on growth and sales remains to be measured, their guidance and support have undoubtedly been instrumental in shaping Shakoure's strategies and decision-making processes, propelling his business towards success in the immersive 3D space.

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