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Success Stories

Tiffany Shelly


About my business

Tiffany Shelly is the Founder of Last Minute Hair, an app and service that allows professionals and individuals to get easy, round-the-clock access to the products they need without boundaries by providing delivery of beauty products from local shops within one hour — simplifying the shopping experience for both customers and retailers. With her business, Tiffany aims to stimulate economic growth within marginalized communities, while revolutionizing the beauty industry with new innovative technology and services that will improve the connection between beauty businesses and their target customers. 
Chicago | IL

My Mentors

  • Kelley Eckmayer, VP, Enterprise Architecture Manager at PNC Bank
  • Carol Petti, PNC Bank Alum

Business milestones achieved

  • Funding
  • Business Website
  • Hired employee, vendor or independent contractor
  • Tested idea

Business mentoring story

Tiffany came to the U.S. from Jamaica when she was three years old. She worked as a freelance cosmetologist including head stylist for multiple fashion shows, music videos and photo shoots for over 15 years. Tiffany was inspired to start her business to improve the lives of others.

Observing that the restrictions imposed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted women’s ability to efficiently attend to their personal beauty and self-care needs, she designed a product that revolutionizes the industry and single-handedly redefines how consumers buy and shops sell self-care and beauty products.

Since then, she has raised $82,500 to date for her start-up, placed first place for the Black Girls Venture Pitch Competition, reached second place at TechRise Chicago Pitch Competition and has been shortlisted for Shark Tank three times.

As a part of Sky's the Limit, she connected with incredible mentors from PNC, including Kelley Eckmayer and Carol Petti. "I am extremely happy that I was able to cross paths with Kelley Eckmayer and Carol Petti," said Tiffany.

Kelley is an Architecture Manager within PNC's Enterprise Architecture Business Strategy team. With her background in Business Architecture, Business Strategy and Business Analysis, she was well positioned to help Tiffany with her business. Carol Petti's extensive experience in banking provided her with the knowledge to work with Tiffany on overcoming the challenges she was facing. 

Working with her mentors, Tiffany achieved numerous business milestones, including funding, testing ideas and creating a website, that she says helped improve her product substantially. "As a collective the Sky's the Limit mentors have helped me strategize a marketing plan, finalize the version 1 flow of my product and add 50 new users to my waitlist," said Tiffany.

Her children and vision keep her motivated. She visualizes her endgame and is determined to materialize it. Tiffany characterizes herself as someone with high endurance and understands this journey is a marathon not a sprint. Everyday she's learning and growing, which energizes her to support others like her mentors have supported her. "Being able to help build those around me keeps me going," said Tiffany.

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